Message from the Minister January 2020

The Year of Clear Vision



Fasten your sets belts my friends. This is not only the start of a new year, but the beginning of a new decade as well. With all that is going on in our world today I am convinced more than ever in the value of spiritual awakening. We are faced with raging wildfires, raging conflicts, raging people and unprecedented manifestation of separation and fear. The solutions to all our problems are available, but we cannot use the solution if we want to keep the problem.

This year represents a crucial turning point in the evolution of Humankind. Will we act from kindness and a sense of inter-connectedness, or will we attempt to preserve our way of relating to the world through the lens of judgement, attack and defense? Will we truly choose love over fear, and generosity over greed? Can we turn the negative and divisive rhetoric into praise and acceptance of one
another? Will we be inclusive and loving or will we continue to give into the temptation of anger and hatred?

These are big questions, and not so easily answered; but we must be prepared to answer them now, individually and with a clear vision. I want to bring a clear vision into this year of what is mine to do and how I am going to do it. I am very clear that I can only receive what I am able to give, and I will only see coming to me that which I allow to flow through me. When the seeming problems of this world appear too big for me to make a difference, I set my mind on the solution. I set my mind on the unfailing, infinite presence and power of God within. I firmly believe, along with Wayne Dyer, “There is a spiritual solution to every problem.”

The task before us in this emerging decade is one of healing the differences perceived between people and confront all the challenges of this modern era with hope, faith and optimism. We can choose to see every obstacle to peace as an opportunity to love. We can see each and every brother or sister as a messenger from the spirit, and we can see joy in the world when we find it in our hearts. There is no end to all the good we can see and receive when we turn our minds to Truth and trust in the spirit of the living God within. The mission set before this new year is to welcome a clear vision of what the world can be when we all act from the reality of oneness instead of our mistaken sense of separation.

When we consider all that may be required of us a spiritual people, as healers, teachers, ministers and bringers of the light in all its forms, we may feel overwhelmed by the suffering in this world. In the new year may we find solace in this timeless spiritual advice from the sacred Jewish text, the Talmud.

“Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.”

And I might add, “Hold a clear vision in your heart and mind of the world you would like live in and ask only that it be done according divine law and manifest from the substance of pure love. That shared vision will become your reality… for what we hold in our heart becomes who we are.

Happy New Year,

Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister December 2019

The Birth of the Christ Consciousness

As we enter another Christmas season we are all reminded of the opportunity which faces each individual soul, acceptance of the Christ being born again in us. Living from the Christ consciousness is not as easy as some may think. It requires us to willingly abandon our littleness; it demands we pursue a rigorous honesty with ourselves, to love unconditionally and awaken from our dream of separation.
Even though the glorious reality which awaits us is sure to bring joy and happiness beyond of wildest imagination, we hesitate to take the steps necessary to find our true self. The birth of the Christ Consciousness in us seems like something completely impossible, and to our limited perception, of course it is. That reminds me however, of an old saying, “The one who says it is impossible should not interrupt the one doing it.”

If you are committed to experiencing the birth of the Christ Consciousness in you, no one and nothing will stop you. If you wish to celebrate the coming of the Christ in this manner, Unity is a perfect place for you. If you have ever had an experience of Christ as principle instead of personality then it truly is the season to celebrate.

We can celebrate our authentic experience of Christ, not merely coming to one child over two thousand years ago but coming again and again in each one of us. The advent of human beings realizing their divine nature, this is Christmas to me, and indeed worthy of celebrating. Yes, we needed, and have an example of the Christ principle being fully realized in Jesus; but we also have his teaching, “Greater things than I have done will you do.” (John 14) Those greater things are made manifest the moment we accept our role in demonstrating the Christ in us, through us and finally as us.

If you think the birth of the Christ Consciousness in us is impossible, the only thing I suggest is enjoy the season, spread good cheer, wrap your presents with love, be patient with your children and remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
“They called him Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Matt. 1:23)
Happy Awakening Beloved Friends, Merry Christmas!
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister November 2019

The Adventure Continues


On November 1, 2019 my mother left her body and the physical realm to continue her adventure on the invisible side of life. Some say she is on the other side of the veil, a thin veil of perception which keeps us from awareness of the greater reality. I can honestly say it has never kept me from awareness at all. There is a wonderful quote which crossed my desk this week… “Death is nothing more than the spirit upgrading to a better means of transportation.” Rev. Anonymous

I have come to discover the truth that there is no death, we are spiritual beings, connected to all life for all eternity. The mystery that revealed this great truth to me did not come in a single flash of divine providence, but rather through many moments of miracle and revelation as well as consistent practice of spiritual principles for most of my life. I can also say without reservation, this is my experience and not merely concepts or words on a page.

The adventure of life is given to us in a way which unfolds according to our desire and decision. When we are ready for the next step, the path appears before us, not a moment sooner or a moment later, but in perfect, divine timing and divine order. If these steps are taken with grace and ease, I believe is largely up to us. How do we want our adventure to unfold? That is the direction we will set our inner compass.

I know there are those who blame the past for the way they relate to the present moment; but I endeavor to suggest we will enjoy the journey much more when we take responsibility for our experience and claim our power in co-creating our reality. Our fears melt away like dew on the morning grass as the sun begins to rise. Within us something also begins to rise, the awareness of our ultimate reality, our higher consciousness, our power and our freedom.

The transition of my mom from this earthly realm into spirit has not left me alone and troubled, but rather filled with hope and basking in the presence of pure love. I can say without hesitation, the journey has not ended for her or for our relationship. I can feel her strong hand of guidance and words of encouragement echo in my grieving soul. I see a bright and liberated spirit dancing on the winds and calmly entering the last few hardened places of my heart, softening my steps and lightening my journey. I feel the peace and the passion of living. I am renewed in the certainty that my purpose in this life is being fulfilled and by the fact mom wanted only this for me.

My mom was only concerned with my happiness and joy. She was there to see me find the Love of my life, Liliana, to find the spiritual community in which I would become pastor, and she stayed here long enough to make sure that the adventure would continue on a positive path. If you are happy the way Unity on Cape Cod is growing, if you are happy with your minister and all the things he and his wife bring to you each week, if you feel at home in this spiritual community, please take a moment to thank my mom, Mildred Cryer, for making sure I had the support needed to continue my adventure with all of you. She is one of those angels, who for a brief interval of time appeared in human form.

May our adventure continue in love, peace and joy.
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister October 2019

Conscious Evolution/Releasing the Past

We are living in times of shift and change, challenge and opportunity, and sometimes it seems we are being pushed to our limits. That is because we are. Conscious evolution requires that we go beyond that which we already know and come into new and expanded ways of relating to each other, our self and our world. The old worn out ways of judgment, competition and attack are wearing thin on the landscape of the human heart.

Pushing past the boundaries of what we have learned from the past and releasing all that no longer serves us is not a theoretical exercise; but rather a very practical practice, one we can apply everyday to every aspect of our lives. It makes perfect sense therefore that the first step in conscious evolution is to release the past and all that no longer serves our highest good.
How can we tell what no longer serves us? Does it bring you pain? Do you feel confusion? If it doesn’t make your heart sing with joy and your mind explode with creative ideas, it is probably excess baggage you need to relinquish and release from your life. And yes, even people have to be released from our lives sometimes if they are toxic to our peace of mind.

Allowing yourself to grow and evolve into a more bright, beautiful and expanded version of you can be so exciting and fulfilling, offering infinite blessings and abundant prosperity. The amazing news is that we can accelerate our process of spiritual awakening by consciously applying the principles of truth.

Forgiveness for example, is one of the most powerful ways we can do this. When we forgive the past and let it go, we are making room for more loving experiences to take place in our hearts and minds. Letting go of past hurts means to accept the lesson it has taught you, take your power back and move forward with your dreams. It is a very self-empowering act to claim your healing and demonstrate you are not your past. The wonderful thing forgiveness has given me is that it has proved to me that nothing can harm the Christ in me. There is a strength and power within me that cannot be affected by any circumstance or situation. In fact, my past has not defined me; but rather my response to the events of my life is the only factor of importance. I can say now with confidence, and I hope you can too, that I have learned to respond with love, patience and understanding with greater and greater frequency to everything I experience and everyone I meet.

I have learned an important way to test my mind in these matters. Does my response bring more peace, both to myself and the one’s around me? Does my response come from my ego or from God within? Am I feeling joy, excitement, gratitude, connection and creative expression in this moment? If I cannot answer with a resounding “yes,” then something is blocking my vision and slowing down my spiritual evolution. This is a moment of opportunity, not of lament, an opportunity to release my past and all that no longer serves my newly evolved self, an opportunity to allow others to evolve as well.

Message from the Minister September 2019

Falling in love with Truth



With this wild and wonderful summer coming to a close, I am inspired to embrace the Fall season in a new and different way. Remembering we have dedicated this year to deep spiritual growth, both individually and as a community, I am putting forth the intention of falling in love with Truth.

Rediscovering my relationship with the Divine has become the most important aspect of my spiritual journey. To be honest, I can no longer view God as a being separate from myself, a Father or Mother figure to whom I pray and ask for help with my world. As a child, I was taught to pray to this figure, as an adult taught to have a relationship with this figure. In traditional churches we are told to worship this deity and taught perform the rituals of supplication and obedience. In the greater societal scheme of things we witness the vast separation of peoples of different faiths and even the attack on those who may express their relationship to God in different ways.

Personally, I embrace the principles of Truth found at the core of every faith. I have learned so much from the diverse spiritual community of which we are a part. I could never see myself trying to limit my theology by comparing it to others; but rather continually expand my relationship to the Divine by inclusion of diverse ideas and spiritual practices. Although Unity is Christian at its core, is remains a positive, practical and metaphysical practice.

Unity is positive, in that we use affirmative prayer, or “creative thinking.” We affirm the truth and envision the manifestation of our highest good in every situation. We claim the Truth of Spiritual law working in every situation and condition of our lives, no matter what the appearance at the time. We use the power of our minds, our will and our intention to make manifest those things which support our highest good and deepen our spiritual growth. We claim our good as already ours simply waiting for us to receive it into our lives.

Unity is practical, in the way we practice the principles which have been demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. Instead of idolizing and worshipping Jesus for his ability to work with Divine principles, we seek to master them ourselves.
Unity is metaphysical, in the manner in which we interpret the Bible and all sacred texts. There is always a greater meaning and more expanded view available in everything expressed by spiritual and religious writings and experience. The metaphysical approach allows us to discover the deeper truths behind each story and teaching of the great masters, including our brother, Jesus of Nazareth. Using symbolic interpretation, historical evidence and investigation into the thought system behind the words we can paint a broader picture of how we too can activate the spiritual power in us. Some have called this pursuit, “Divine Science.”

In Unity, we strive for inclusion of ideas, embrace the science of mind and remain positive and practical in our approach. It is these fundamentals of Truth and the core values of the Truth student with which I have fallen in love with once again. One might call it a renewed romance with God. Perhaps, this fall each one of us can cultivate a deeper relationship with the Divine.

Always yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister August 2019

Peace be Still



Everything that is happening in the Universe is born in the silence, all else is but a feeble distraction of the ego: “Look at me, see what I can do, listen to me, follow me, strive, accomplish, suffer, sacrifice, bow to me, worship me,” the ego screams in constant attempts to justify its existence.

The only problem in giving the power of your attention to the ego is that you lose awareness of your peace. The Bible speaks of attaining perfect peace through focus of the mind. “He will keep thee in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee,” (Isaiah 26:3). In metaphysical terms, “He” is your own Christ-mind. When the focus of your mind is on truth, your higher mind becomes the source and the guide of your experience. The phrase, “stayed on Thee,” can then be interpreted, “focused on truth.” The scripture restated in modern language would be, “With a mind focused on truth we will always find ourselves in peace.”

One way we can find the peace we are looking for in ourselves and in the world is through forgiveness. One of my favorite lines from A Course in Miracles is, “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.” Not only do I find my peace, I also offer it to the world.

When we truly accept our function as bringers of peace we discover what Joel Goldsmith called, “The Thunder of Silence.” We access the great power of the heavens and connect with our true divine self. The shift comes from going within and starting at the core of our being. It is the most liberating and empowering step we can take in our personal, spiritual evolution.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help others get in touch with the essential nature of their being each and every day. We are One in truth, and your awareness of this truth is mine as well. Your Christ-light is simply waiting to shine my friends, to help everyone awaken to their God-Self. It calls to you at every turn and speaks to your heart every moment of every day. Your light is what the Universe longs to behold. Be in peace dear ones and let your light shine.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister July 2019

Finding Release from the Fear of Giving

“There is a law of giving and receiving… It is a law of mind action… not a religion; but a rule of thinking, doing, living and being.” (Charles Fillmore, Prosperity lesson 10)

Has anyone noticed the shift that has taken place concerning the way you think about giving and receiving as a direct result of having a consistent spiritual practice? I was taught to go out and get what you want, work hard for it, make the sacrifices necessary to gain what you need in
life; and when you get it you must hold unto it and protect it, or you will lose what you have.

That way of thinking can create a lot of fear around money and prosperity; but the biggest fear it creates is the fear of other people. It becomes a lifestyle of getting and retaining rather than giving and receiving. I also noticed that the fear of giving brought with it a fear of receiving as
well. I did not feel comfortable receiving from others the gifts they wanted to share with me. Being afraid to lose the little I had; I also developed a block to receiving more. Not wanting to move away from my comfort zone, I was blocking my highest good coming to me. By holding on
and protecting my little world I was unable to open myself to greater good. How uncomfortable that comfort zone can become, and yet we refuse to step away from it for fear our world will cease to exist. What we discover in giving however, is that our world is expanding in abundance of all things that add to our joy and happiness.

My practice for many years now is to protect everything I have by the act of giving it away, to increase that which brings me joy and happiness by sharing it with others. You might ask, “how does that translate to paying my bills and providing for my family?”

The answer is this… It directly relates to the joy you find in giving to your family and community instead of investing your relationships with fear. Teaching gratitude for what you have always brings more of your good to you. The glorious lesson I learned is the more I give away the more
room I have to receive. There is a divine flow of energy which moves through me in abundant fashion, blessing and healing all those who are ready to receive. The key lies in the fact that true abundance comes from within and not from anywhere outside of you.

Those are some of the spiritual principles that I have used to release my fear of giving, and I can tell you with absolute certainty I have never received so much in my entire life. My wife and I are amazed at how fast we are manifesting all of our heart’s desires. It is not coming from a
place of lack that we need to fill; but rather from a place of abundance from which we want to share and give to others. We are so grateful to have a community where we can share all of our spiritual gifts.

Thank you Unity on Cape Cod
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister June 2019

Remember to Breathe

Sometimes, we get so busy focused on the outer world, what we need to get done, where we need to go and who we need to impress, we forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. I often reflect on that old saying, “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to live.”
That sentiment could be expanded to include all our activities. We can spend so much time entertaining our guests we forget to enjoy the party. We focus so much on our destination we forget to enjoy the journey, and we can spend so much time talking about spiritual principles,
we forget to live them.

So much seems to be happening this time of year, we often forget to breathe in the moment and enjoy the season to full extent. Top off your already full plate with a few of life’s deeper challenges and you could be thrown into full-blown crisis. However, when we are centered, balanced and prayed up, those challenges become opportunities for greater spiritual growth.

Remember the story in the Bible of Jesus calming the wind and the sea in the middle of the storm? (Mark 4:39) He simply said, “Peace, Be Still” and there was a great calm. That moment was perhaps the greatest example of the miracle power of remembering to breathe and being calm, and perhaps the greatest demonstration that what we see without is always an extension of how we feel within.

When the storms of our lives come, and they always do, we too can stand up and bring our inner peace to bear on the situation. We have the power of the Christ within us as did our brother Jesus. We have more power when we are at peace and more peace when we in our power. The key is always… remember to breathe. Breathe in the light, breathe in the love, breathe in the peace and the power of the spirit of the living God in you.

Be the peace you want to see in the world my friends.
Always yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister May 2019 Unity on Cape Cod

Spring, A Time of Change?



Most people look at spring as a time of change and new growth, new beginnings and renewed passions. However, spring really is the continuation of growth that began long before the leaves and flowers explode into full bloom. The seeds and buds have been growing the potential substance of life within in order to give it to the world when the time is right. The seed turns toward the sun and begins reaching upward toward the skies before anyone can see the plant at all. Slowly, it emerges through the surface of the soil and then begins the outward expression we can all witness in its full glory.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like our process as human beings? Feeling something within us, a spark of divine light, filling us up from within. We feed our light with nutrients stored up throughout the winter months, begin to feel the greater light above us and then turn toward Heaven. It is the longing for the spirit, just as the plants, trees and flowers long for the sun; Spring being the fulfillment of our longing. We bloom as a result of all our time in the silence and nurturing environment of Truth.

Have we changed when we emerge into the light or are we simply expanding that which we already are? Is this the season of change or merely the season of greater expression of our true self?

One of India’s greatest teachers, Swami Vivekananda, once said, “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Our soul is naturally seeking the fulfillment of itself. We do have teachers and guides which help point the way; but through our own soul-growth do we teach ourselves everything we know through experience. This experience is what we crave as spiritual beings; and in this time of rapid growth, expansion and expression of our inner light do we color the world with our presence and spiritual energy.

The vibrant colors are coming forth now, the fragrance of new life and sounds of celebration fill the air. Life abounds and gives all of its gifts freely to us in unlimited supply. What a wonderful time to pay attention to what is being manifest in our lives. I am sure it is what we planted in the silent times, in the fertile soil of our holy minds.

Enjoy this time of expression of life, love and who you truly are my friends.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister April 2019

Positive, Practical Christianity



If there is one thing we can say about Unity, it is that our teachings are practical. It is certain that Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, and the many who have followed in their footsteps, were personally dedicated to demonstrating the teachings of the master, Jesus instead of worshipping him as some kind of idol. They sought to understand his teachings and life and endeavor to put Truth principles into practice in their lives as well. Great healing and understanding have been made manifest by this approach.

Charles Fillmore said of Unity that it is part of the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus the Christ. Indeed, the school of thought which began with our way shower has more to do with accessing the power within your own mind and heart than following a or worshipping an individual expression of God. It is really about becoming your own unique expression of the Divine.

The easiest and most creative way I have found to bring forth that divinity in my life is by positively affirming the truth about myself and others on a consistent basis. When we allow negative thinking to cloud our vision, we fail to experience the beauty, grandeur and magnificence of our own being. If we hold positive thoughts in our mind, they do indeed produce after their kind; but it is more than thoughts in your head, it is thoughts in your heart.

The new way to express the law of mind action is: “Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs produce the world we experience.” The wonderful news is that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can change. And, if we feed ourselves positive ideas, they will change for the better. When Jesus said, “I have been given all power in Heaven and earth,” he was also talking about each and every child of God. We were all born with the same divine nature and we all have the power to express that nature if we focus our attention on it.

What could be more practical than to tell you that you have the power to create any kind of life you want for yourself. It is not simply fate, or being born under the right circumstance, or being “favored” by God. No, it is a recognition that by practicing positive thinking and living, I will purposefully make my world and the whole world a kinder, gentler, more abundantly loving place to be. I can express the inherent power within me by sharing it with others and joining in their healing and transformation as well. I firmly believe that we rise by lifting others and the best way to achieve great things is by helping others to be great. In my experience, nothing is more positive or practical than to find myself in those around me, and to find God in myself.
Be blessed and be a blessing.
Rev. Tony