Message From the Minister October 2021

Calming the Inner Storm


Once again, the seasons are changing, summer is slipping into autumn, the birds are heading south and soon to follow, many of our friends. The world always is in constant flux and flow, expansion and contraction, death and rebirth; but there is one thing which always remains the same, the unchanging, never-ending love of God-within and all around us.

This divine center of constant calm is seat of our soul and the ground of our being. It is the still, but powerful voice of God-within which keeps us centered through each and every change we experience. Eventually, we learn to embrace the changes as a necessary part of the divine flow, instead of losing our balance each time change comes.

I remember a time in my life when the seasons changed from summer to autumn, I would always experience some sort of upheaval in my life. I would see relationships come to an end, I might contract an illness or get into some kind of accident. I would suddenly be struggling with money problems or have to find a new place to live. The list went on and on, and this continued for many years, well into my thirties and forties. You could count on my catastrophes as regularly as the change of the weather. What was going on within my sub-conscious mind that I would experience constant conflict when the world around me changed?

What I came to understand is that I based my reality almost exclusively in the world outside me instead of within. Consequently, my inner state was reacting to the outside world instead of the other way around. When the changes came, my thoughts, my emotions and my reactions were already programmed by past experience of separation, fear, anxiety and even personal trauma. It seemed like it had control of my life, not the spirit of the living God within me. What could I do?

The first step in calming the inner storm was to admit it was there. Accepting the appearance of conflict and confusion consistently showing up in my life. I had to admit I was not happy, not living up to my highest potential and greatest good. The second step was humbly asking for help and turning my will and my life over to my higher power. Miraculously, I discovered that power also lived in me. So, the third step was the big transformation, allowing the Christ in me to lead my life instead of the ego.

The ego is by definition, a separate self, born of fear and based in the world of conflict, perpetuating that conflict by projection of it. The Christ in me is the child of God, created in love and creating more of the same by extension of itself. The second principle of Unity states that this Christ light is within each and every one of us, therefore we are inherently good and inherently God.

Here is the shift which calms the inner and the outer storms. Since the third principle is the fact that we create our experiences by the activity of our thinking and feeling or inner state of consciousness… then it becomes apparent the only way to experience peace in the world is to find that peace within. Easy to say; but not always easily done.

This is why I have been on a spiritual path and have adopted many spiritual practices over the years. The transformation of the human mind requires continuous forward movement. The teachings of truth have to be lived and experienced on a moment by moment basis. Yes, I can say it is my predominate way of life; but the spiritual life is not a static condition. In order to maintain heightened spiritual awareness and experience, the Christ has to be in control of our thoughts, words, actions and ultimately extension of love and creation of the world we live in. The words we use, “From the pure substance of Love, I bring into manifestation, my world according to divine law,” has now become my inner response and direction of my creative energy in this world.

No longer do I experience these great unexpected disruptions in my life. I truly experience a divine flow, divine order and grace and ease in through the most difficult of times. I have a secret formula for living through the Christ within rather than the ego. Well, it’s not so secret, but it is something many people disregard as a way of life. Here it is… step back and let the God in you lead the way. The ego usually speaks first. So, stop and take a breath, go within, pray, meditate and ask with humility and patience before taking the next step. Allow the Holy Spirit of all good and all peace and all power to have full control of each and every decision you make. Relinquish the idea that you must act upon that fear, that anger or that “logical” conclusion. Remember the miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, so acting out of love is always enough. It is my experience that when I teach only love is when I truly experience that love is what I am, not a moment sooner. When I teach only love, I discover God is love. When I teach only love, I discover that my brothers and sisters are also inherently good. When my inner storm has been calmed, the storms of the world will also subside.

He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” (Mark 4:39)

Be blessed and Be a Blessing

Rev. Tony


Message from the Minster September 2021

The Greatest Need



When you honestly examine the state of the world in which you find yourself, can you say with any degree certainty that all is in divine order, flowing with grace and ease for highest good of all? Is this your authentic experience, or are you merely repeating the words in hopeful petition to the Universe? Do you live the principles you know, or are they simply intellectual concepts, stored neatly in the data banks of your brain along with the rest of what you may define as your reality?

What I have been shown through deep spiritual experience is the inconvenient truth that the world I see through the lens of separation has nothing at all to do with reality. The greatest miracle that proceeds from this knowledge is awakening to the real world, and this, in my humble opinion, is the greatest need of human beings, awakening to their own magnificent reality. Spiritual awakening is our most urgent dedication and our most precious achievement.

In one of his final prayers, recorded in the Gospel of John, Jesus prays the affirmation, “glorify me with thine own self, with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” (John 17:5) Essentially, he is affirming both that he is an eternal being, one with God, and he is in truth the same as his creator. He is acknowledging the return to light or “glory”, and he existed before the world was, his being does not begin and end with time and form. He speaks of the whole process of awakening to our own glory and our inherent oneness with God. This process is the same for each of us as we too remember who we really are.

Our need therefore is simply one of remembering, allowing our spiritual consciousness to have preeminent rule of our hearts and minds. To surrender to reality should be the easiest thing for us to do, however, just the opposite seems to be true in our earthly experience. We prefer the illusion of separation and the charade of self-identity, the importance of the ego. The New Testament also tells the sad story of Man’s tendency to favor the illusion… “That light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light.” (John 3;19)

Our greatest fulfillment in the awakening can therefore be seen as the return to the light, the acceptance of the light in us and the experience of the light as our true nature. The light can be remembered as spiritual energy. It can be seen as within us and all around us; but most of all, it is us. Our very being is made up of this invisible force of divine energy. We truly are eternal beings, ever expanding into greater expression of God within. This illumination, this awakening is not just a shift in perspective within our human concepts. It is really a fundamental change in the source of our thinking, a return to the ground of our being, an immersion into the divine light of Truth. It is the one thing that can shift us out of fear and into love forever, and I firmly believe it is our greatest need!

May your every need be met with grace and ease, but most of all, may you accept the glory of your being, the glory you had before the foundation of the world. Once this need is met, you will have no others.

Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, August 2021

Demand Nothing, Receive Everything

Over the years I have encountered thousands of people just like you and me struggling to make sense of this life, trying to find their purpose, seeking greater meaning, abundance and love. I have watched various twists and turns in the teachings of truth in an effort to gain this awareness; but inevitably the seekers would fall short of achieving the deeper levels of experience because of one unnoticed error in their thinking.

Without exception, every individual I saw falling short of their goals had this one thing in common. Each person had a rigid idea of how their good was to show up. They were so focused on the outward manifestation they had forgotten the key ingredient which opens the gate to never-ending abundance, joy and peace which surpasses all understanding. That spiritual key is the practice of non-attachment.

Holding mental and emotional attachments is the way we limit or even imprison ourselves within the confines what we think we want. These attachments make demands of God, which may not always be in our highest interest. Instead of, “thy will be done,” we say, “give me what I want.” Attached to what we think we want; we cannot see our highest good which is within us and all around us. In fact, we build a version of reality in our heads that quite often retains little or no resemblance to reality at all. When we defend this illusion of reality, we cannot receive the unlimited blessings available to us every moment of every day.

Let’s take this bleak picture of human nature, our habitual patterns of attachment, and turn it around. What if we open our minds to the wonder of life, ask for awareness of reality and the spiritual vision to see our good in every situation, the Christ in every person? We can train our minds to let go of the past and all we thought was holding us back, and thus receive countless blessings we did not notice before. When we approach life as a gift, the burdens we once thought weighed us down become steppingstones to greater peace and inner strength.

Take for example the burden we may feel taking care of an aging loved one; how we put our lives “on hold” to care for their every need, sometimes feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, only to suddenly discover the miracle of sharing the final years, months and days they have on earth. You realize the incredible honor bestowed upon us that we were chosen to share their final moments of this life. A powerful shift occurs the instant you choose to receive rather than judge, to accept rather than retain your grievance with God.

In this holy instant of release and acceptance we begin to see just how much we are loved and just how much is waiting for us in the other side of our attachments. Instead of demanding we are now open to receiving, demanding nothing we now realize we have already been given everything. We realize that every good and perfect gift or divine manifestation is already waiting for us in the field of pure potential… what the Bible sometimes calls the Father, the Father of lights which is also known as the higher or universal mind.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Your higher mind is the light of your consciousness, and the Universal Mind, being the source of all light is holding all things that can contribute to your highest good. Come into this day knowing where your good resides and remember always that whatever you desire is yours already.


Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, July 2021

Cultivating Spiritual Freedom



If we are already free in the spirit, why do why need to cultivate freedom. The answer is this; although we may be completely free and unlimited, we experience ourselves as limited and bound by our circumstances. In truth we are forever free, but it is our awareness which might by blocked by our false perceptions and mis-guided opinions. As children of God, we have free will. We are free to think whatever we choose, but we are not free from the results of our thinking. This is why we must grow and mature a thought system of spiritual freedom. We are, as the third principle of Unity states, creating our experiences by the activity of what we choose to think, feel, and believe.

Just as we are the ones responsible for our own happiness, we also are responsible for choosing thoughts, feelings and beliefs which block our freedom and happiness. When we accept responsibility for our experiences, freedom is ours. We have taken back our power and we have joined our will with the will of love. It is at this point the great adventure of life really begins. At this point in our spiritual growth, we understand our freedom is not in fighting against the world, but in surrender to a higher consciousness. Just as the eagle surrenders to the wind in order to soar to greater heights, we also must surrender to the infinite power of the Divine.

There is so much freedom in letting go and letting God, and we can let go with confidence when we feel the winds of the Spirit beneath our wings. We can let go with ease and grace, always knowing the outcome will be for the highest good. We can let go into the great mystery of Universal Love.

Our independence from the continuing drama and conflicts of this world helps to heal the world and bring it closer to Heaven, as we are lifted into that rare air of divine order, perfect peace, and unspeakable joy. Individually, and collectively, we move toward that perfect expression of our Christ-self.

Charles Fillmore spoke of a new race of Men and Women who, having attained an integrated level of consciousness, now draw all people unto the perfect Christ idea in them. This is the new man Paul spoke of in Corinthians, the transformation of the Adam man to the Christ. We all have the freedom to choose this as our path. Historically, this hasn’t been the popular choice among humans, so we ended up with a false freedom we somehow had to fight for, not knowing we were already free.

Finally, the choice for our own freedom cannot come at the expense of others. It must be something that brings more freedom and compassion and prosperity to everyone in the world. If I genuinely want to cultivate a deeper awareness of freedom in myself, I have to offer it to others. I will cultivate a freedom which is all inclusive and extends to everyone everywhere. If we are to celebrate freedom and independence this season, let us celebrate our freedom from judgement and projection, our independence from blame, shame and guilt, and our complete dependence on a loving source, which created you and me and everything in creation forever free in the Spirit.


Happy Independence Day


Rev. Tony Cryer


Message from The Minister, June 2021

Summer of Abundance


In the past few years, and especially during the months of the pandemic, I have come to a new understanding of the meaning of abundance. I always knew the law of prosperity had nothing to do with accumulating money and things. The experience of abundance of love was really the most important aspect of life for me. However, I seemed to find myself following a pattern of lack and frustration in bringing more love into the world. The necessity of survival; making money to pay the rent, putting food on the table, gas in the car and paying for all the other activities of just being here on the planet consumed my time and my energy. There never seemed to be time left over for my spiritual work. Even though I knew my purpose was to bring more love and light into the world, I felt stifled by the continued struggle to “make money” and/or “be successful” in the world. I had somehow separated my inner purpose from my outer expression. In other words, I was consumed with the idea of getting instead of giving.

My outer expression became one of fulfilling worldly needs and desires. Of course, fulfilling those needs and desires is the definition of success as the world defines it. Accumulation of money, or numbers in a bank account, (not any real substance) has become the standard for measuring abundance and prosperity in this world. Deep in my heart I knew this had nothing to do with real prosperity. Divine substance was made of love, not of numbers in a bank account. I also knew that money represents energy, it represents where my attention goes, because there my energy flows. Consequently, I knew that I could only increase the flow of divine love and healing energy in my life if I put my money where my heart was.

In order to illustrate my point accurately, I have to go back to my first summer of really feeling abundant. It was about six or seven years ago, when my wife and I first came to live on Cape Cod. We had very little money, but an abundance of love between us. We had no employment. We moved in with my 84-year-old mother and began to look for work and an apartment. With a broken-down van, a knee brace, back brace and a bottle of Advil in my toolbox, I went back to what I had always known, carpentry and painting houses. My wife went to interviews for jobs she knew she didn’t want. We spent our spare time developing workshops in the basement of my mom’s house; but rarely had time to offer them. When we would go to the beach or visit some amazing place, I remembered from growing up on the Cape, I couldn’t feel or see the beauty anymore. “What has happened to me?” I thought to myself. I couldn’t even experience the beauty and abundance of nature, which was free and all around me, a gift from God. “Why couldn’t I feel it anymore?” I suddenly was gripped by fear, which was even more concerning than the numb condition of my soul. I was afraid it would never come back, and I wouldn’t be able to experience the wonder of life again as I had as a child. What could I do? How could I regain my awareness of magic of life again?

It was no accident that the answer to both my problems; the one of my inner awareness and the one my outer expression were to be solved by the same spiritual law, the law of abundance! Change the way I looked at work and money and the inner block to experiencing my connection to life would be gone… But where do I start? It might seem crazy, but it started with quitting my job and giving away my money. It started with practicing the spiritual law of abundance; giving, getting clear about what I wanted, forgiveness and getting on with my spiritual purpose in life. All other things had to be removed from my mind. It was an absolute necessity at that point. If I wanted to feel joy in my life again, I had to discover how to practice this all-important spiritual law.

The first step I took was to begin tithing, yes, 10% of everything that came in I tithed to the source of my spiritual food. If I received ten dollars that week, one dollar went toward my tithe. This opened the door to receiving more and more, and I happy to report, just six years later I went from tithing that one dollar to tithing (as a Family) almost eleven thousand dollars in 2020. For the full details of that story, you will have to attend one of our prosperity classes.

The second thing I did was to engage in work that filled my soul and nothing else. I would no longer be working for money, but to serve others. I offered classes and workshops with my wife, I spoke at various Unity churches and centers, I would teach A Course in Miracles, offer coaching, counseling or healing sessions; but I would not be doing anything that was not aligned with my soul’s purpose. I knew I wanted to be a Unity minister. It was a dream of mine since I was sixteen years old; but the process seemed to be too long, involved and expensive. I was already ordained twice in other organizations. I thought there must be an express method for me. Spirit had other ideas. It soon became clear I had to go through the entire program with Unity Worldwide Ministries. There would be no shortcuts for me in this process, and I am so happy there were none. Each moment in a Unity class, workshop, intensive or interview was a huge blessing and another example of the abundance principle at work.

What I have come to realize over the past few years is to fully experience each moment as it comes, to receive completely each and every day as the most important day of my life, to see each and ever person as a messenger from God and to reap the abundant blessings of divine love available in this very moment. The abundance of love I feel is overflowing, and as it does so is the availability of substance needed to share that love.

When love is the goal, the means are always provided, and in abundant measure. When sharing is the purpose, the substance flows to where it needs to go without struggle or strain. When gratitude is the response to all the gifts this day brings, the heart is happy, and the body is well. When the goal is to give, there is no limit on what you will receive.

This summer, we are coming out of a time of reflection. For many of us, we cannot go back to the world we left behind before the lessons learned from the pandemic. For life is too precious to trade it for things, people are too precious to trade them for the gifts of the ego. There is too much to be grateful for in this now moment, to go back to a past that was only blocking the sight of our abundance. I am well aware now of everything this moment holds out to me, as a gift from the universe. I am so filled with the experience once again of the magic of life, I do not have time to consider myself lacking for anything. Indeed, my mind has changed, not just about what abundance means; but also, about who and what I am, what my true purpose is here on this earth, and how I can help you discover the same thing for yourself.

Here’s to your summer of abundance!

Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, May 2021

The Seeds of Love



As we celebrate the changing seasons and coming of a new spring, we can start to shake off the past with greater joy and gratitude. Gratitude for the end of winter; yet even more grateful for the light at the end of the tunnel concerning our travail with the pandemic and enduring the growing pains of humanity as we shed our differences and judgments of one another.

While venturing outdoors this season, I am impressed by the emerging flowers and leaves on the trees, the warmth of the sun in the afternoon and the brilliance of the sparkle of the sunlight on the ocean. I am constantly amazed at the various  bird songs and the variety of species in our little corner of the world.

It reminds me as well of the people around me who are emerging in their spiritual growth, the warmth of the smiles as our masks are both literally and figuratively removed, and of the brilliance of the light that shines from the beautiful people in my little corner of the world. It also reminds me of the great variety of expressions of the Divine which surround us each moment if we care to take notice. It warms my heart to notice the seeds of love that were planted during this long season of separation begin to sprout into strong and healthy expressions of God.

We frequently hear about sowing the seeds of love; this spring let us harvest the fruits of those seeds and reap a bountiful harvest of love in our individual lives, in our families, in our communities and in our world. When it seems all too popular to blame others for our circumstances, let us take responsibility for our own happiness. In these times when projection of our fears seems to be at an all-time high, let us transform that fear into faith. When it has become more comfortable to judge those with whom we do not agree, let us be the ones to listen and include those around us. When the divide between people appears to grow wider and wider, let us be the ones who stand in the gap and bring people together as one.

No longer can we hide our light in the comfortable corners of our individual worlds;  but the changing seasons demand we grow and flourish in the open sun. The call of Spirit is drawing us out of our safe places and our comfortable womb and is now ready to give birth to a new order of being, one based on truth, understanding, compassion and love. We are being born into a new world, powerfully transformed and molded by our necessity to evolve spiritually and awaken from our dream of separation.

Indeed, if you are feeling this incredible shift in consciousness along with me, you are well aware that no seed planted in love will ever fail to grow, no act of kindness will fail to bring healing, and no child of God can ever forget who they really are. Every sign of growth is bringing great joy to us now, as we emerge from our sleep and give thanks for the ever-increasing flow of divine substance within us and all around us. This spring let us remember that we are blessed beyond measure and we are here to be a blessing in this world.

Happy Spring my Friends,

Rev. Tony


Message from The Minister April 2021

Overcoming the World of Illusion


During these changing times, I often remind myself that the mind of God never changes. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It expands in love and acceptance; but the fundamental nature of God cannot change into something else. Darkness cannot become light; abundance will never offer loss and hate cannot become love. The light will cause the darkness to disappear; loss cannot be a possibility in the experience of prosperity and hate will cease to exist when love has been revealed.

The greatest need of humankind right now is for the individual to break free from the world of illusion and lies. We live in an unlimited and glorious universe, filled with power and potential for each of us to discover. Imagine if we join in this discovery together, consciously, purposefully and prayerfully. Imagine the world we would see and experience when we truly dedicate our whole selves to our spiritual awakening and unfoldment, and when we focus on bringing out the Christ nature in everyone we encounter along the way.

Imagine that world of peace and light, abundance and equality as our reality right now! Feel what it is like to be perfectly cared for, infinitely connected and living in the truth of oneness today. Just for today act as if this is your reality. Just for today be aware of the beauty all around you, the spirit of the Christ moving within you; divine light guiding your every thought, your every word and your every action. This is what resurrection feels like.

No longer are you moving with every impulse of the ego, reacting to the world through fear, anger or resentment. You are now responding with love. You have moved beyond your illusions of pain and sacrifice, separation and attack. Living in the reality of your own healing and resurrection, you have accepted the truth about yourself and the fact that your true Self could never be altered by the changing circumstances of this world. You have reached beyond the veil, past the sea of meaningless thoughts which occupy the separated mind, into the constancy of the universal mind of God.

This is Eastertime, the time your resurrection, the moment of transition from the illusion of separation, into the reality of oneness and eternal life. This is your moment of rebirth and overcoming of all ideas of limitation and death. This is the moment when you realize the Christ is you; “for the same spirit which raised Jesus from the dead, also dwells in you, and will give life to your mortal body as well. (Paul’s letter to letter to the Romans 8:11)

The demonstration of Jesus in the resurrection was not only that he could overcome death; it was that there is no death, that nothing can alter your divine nature, nothing can touch your spirit and turn you into something you are not. He shared an experience with us of moving beyond the veil of illusion, into the reality of eternal life; and he showed us that his overcoming is also our own, waiting there for us to choose.

The power is in our hands to choose resurrection over the ideas of crucifixion, and the truth of oneness over the seeming world of separation. When Jesus said, “All power has been given me in Heaven and on earth,” (Matt: 28:18) it was after his resurrection. This was the realization that the experience of transformation is necessary in order to use the full power of God within you. When you come into the realm of the infinite miracles become the natural order of things, and earth and Heaven become as one. In your personal resurrection the illusion of separation disappears into the nothingness from which it began, and now you stand in the light of your own true reality once again. Welcome Home my friends, welcome home!

Happy Easter

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, March 2021

The Thunder of  Silence



About twenty-five years ago I read one of my first New Thought books, ‘The Thunder of Silence,’ by Joel Goldsmith, a leading voice in Christian Science and metaphysical philosophy, and prolific spiritual healer for more than thirty years. What inspired me most was the experience I had whenever I would venture into the silence. Indeed, the thunder of God’s voice came rushing into my consciousness, replacing all the meaningless fears and fractured images usually occupying the surface of my mind.

Without the consciously chosen moment of silence, the constant flow of spiritual energy goes unnoticed and unseen by the human mind. Even though it is always there, the voice of God falls on deaf ears, the vision of Christ remains obscured by the illusions of the ego. The real world of beauty, abundance, joy and eternal Love will not be perceived as a possibility by those who do not have ears to hear the thunder of the silence. The perfection of the Universe will not be a welcome sight to those who look through the glass of perception darkly.

Direct experience is the only way one will ever see and hear and feel the glory being revealed in us. Direct awareness of God in us remains our highest goal as human beings; to tap into our spiritual power and express it in the world as did our way shower, Yeshua. Identification with the Father/Mother, divine creator, source of all there is our quest, and why we enter into the silence with such enthusiastic anticipation.

Isaiah 40:31 Reminds us:  “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Silence is a spiritual sacrament we engage in as we indeed ‘Wait upon the Lord’ in the sacred chamber of our inner consciousness. We go within and wait for the experience. We refrain from telling Spirit how it should appear to us. We have the assurance of rising up and mounting the challenges of the day with happy resolve as we surrender all to the unfailing power of our creator. We run towards the goal of Christ Consciousness and the sure unfoldment of our true nature as the thundering voice of eternal love leads the way.

When we choose to consciously evolve spiritually, when we put all our effort into releasing effort, when we step aside and allow the great flow of the universe to fashion our steps forward, we no longer cling to doubts and perceptions as our guide, we no longer use fear as a motivation for action. Instead, we are like the sky, observing the wind come and go, knowing there are much greater forces in charge of life itself. We become quiet and listen, listening and waiting for the experience which cannot be described by concepts of the human mind. Perhaps we have been given an opportunity to wait upon the Lord, to rise up again with new wings. For now, I am content to wait, here in the silence, here in the thunder of pure spiritual experience.


Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, February 3, 2021

Who do You Say that I Am?



One of my favorite stories in the New Testament is when Jesus asked his friends, “Who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. “The first thing Jesus said to him was, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but the Father who is in heaven.” In other words, you have realized this truth through spiritual discernment, not through your limited human understanding.

Jesus went on to say, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” This statement gives us the foundation for the law of mind action… “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Whatever thoughts we hold on to will be held in our consciousness, the realm of mind referred to as “the heavens.” And of course, the thoughts we let go of will not be held in consciousness and therefore will not be manifest in our kingdom.

The key to understanding the power of our minds to create our reality was given us in this scripture. The important thing for us to remember is that heaven and earth do not exist as separate states. The spiritual vision experienced by Simon Peter in witnessing the Christ in his brother Jesus was the same vision which perceives the Christ in ourselves.

In Unity we often teach about the Christ in us, but we also have to be clear of the process of mind which brings about this spiritual revelation. First, we look at what the human mind is telling us. You are this, or you are that; but in our authentic, spiritual experience we are so much more than all of those things. At the core of our being is the light, the Christ-self, the essence of God. We perhaps are showing up in human form, but that form cannot limit our experience, and the ways Christ is manifest also cannot be limited to any one form or person.

This is why the story of Simon Peter’s revelation ends with Jesus telling his friends, “they should tell no one that He was Jesus the Christ.” The master knew this type of experience had to come from within. The revelation of the Christ within is the single most important teaching of this man from Nazareth.

With experience of the Christ within comes the transformation of each individual to a recognition of oneness and identification with Spirit It opens us up to our spiritual awareness, beyond the sum total of our concepts and our conceptual observations, beyond our attachments to time and form. Once I see the Christ in any one person, I will see it in myself and all others. Yes, I may forget who I really am at times; but I will count on you to remind me when I forget. Just remember to give an honest answer to that voice within you that asks the question, “Who do you say that I am?” And remember as well, the answer you give your brother or sister, you are giving to yourself.

I love you; I Bless you and I Behold the Christ as You!

Rev. Tony


Message from the Minister, January 2021



There are so many people ready to say goodbye and perhaps good riddance to the year 2020. However, the challenges which presented themselves this past year only served to open our eyes to all that needs to be healed in the human family. If we want things to change for the better, we will have to first change ourselves. Everybody wants change, but most do not want to change.

I love the idea put forth by Mother Theresa, when she said, “I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know prayer changes us and we change things.” Instead of praying for things to change in 2021, I believe it is us who must make some fundamental changes in the way we think. Let this year be one in which we get closer to the essence of who we are, an identity set by God, and held in perfect potential within each of us at all times, ready to bless the world with miracles.

The change I am talking about is how we see ourselves in relationship to others, to the planet and to life as a whole. Wayne Dyer once said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” If the year 2020 has shown us anything, it is that we cannot keep living from the same perspective and the same old thought system of separation and attack and expect anything to change.

A Course in Miracles has taught me that I am basing my “reality” on a thought system that is hurting me, one I no longer want. It goes on to ask the question, “Would I not rather join the thinking of the universe?” Yes, there is a universal thought system based on oneness, eternal love and divine mind. It is not a symbolic system, which relies on words, definitions and judgments based on partial evidence. It is a direct extension of light energy emanating from our shared Christ-consciousness, creating only love, shining forever in the perfection of our source.

The world which is seen through divine mind and the eyes of Christ can only bless and heal, comfort and prosper. This is the year we can choose to give our whole self to the Christ-within and think with the mind of God. We have such a great opportunity to bring the vision of Christ to all we meet and live in the truth of our being without reservation or doubt. We are all called once again to put our fears aside and boldly demonstrate the higher order of things. It is another chance to discover the power of God within us and trust that power to heal our minds and guide our lives.

As you allow the new thought system to take hold in your consciousness, something wonderful appears, a new you. The Buddha was quoted as saying, “watch your thoughts, for what you think you become.” Well, if our thoughts are coming from divine mind, filled with love and charity, what will happen to us? If you allow the mind of Christ to be your mind, continually growing in light and love, then there will always be a new you, a person continually growing in light and love. No matter how far you have come, if you are following a spiritual path and remain committed to your soul-growth, you will always have reason to celebrate. In this new year, now more than ever, I celebrate the emergence of the Christ in you. Let us carry our true Self into the new year and be witness to the return of light in our lives.

Today and everyday… Happy New You!

Rev. Tony