Message from the Minister March 2020

Love is the Answer

As Spring begins its welcome approach upon the land, perhaps the new sun will begin to melt the coldness of our hearts as well. Perhaps we can make an effort to answer each circumstance and every situation with love, hope and respect. Perhaps the decision to love will make more sense than ever before, and the motivation to love unconditionally will be more apparent than ever before.
I have a dear friend whose tagline at the bottom of every email reads, “No matter what the question, love is the answer.” It seems so appropriate when the world around us is being filled with fear and judgment, division and suspicion, to be reminded that love is still our only answer. Love remains the only true power and the singular force capable of healing us and our world.
The healing power of love can be witnessed on a daily basis, if we are willing to look in love’s direction. Of course, to see with the eyes of love we must use our spiritual sight. The eyes of human judgment will not be sufficient to reveal the mind of Christ. If we are serious about thinking with the same mind which was in Christ Jesus, (Phil. 2:5) our focus must be dedicated to seeing the good in every person and God present in every situation.
When I hold certain people or circumstances apart from truth of God’s grace, I am also holding myself in that same prison of judgment. Matthew 7:2 in the NIV bible reads: “For in the same manner you judge others, you will be judged” The reason this is true is that we are going to live in the same world in which we have condemned others, for the jailer must stand watch over the ones they have imprisoned, making sure they do not escape.
However, the opposite is also true. One of the highest truths I know is that I will experience all the love I give; as I forgive I am also forgiven, what I offer to my fellow human beings is what I receive, when I accept healing for myself I simultaneously offer healing to the world. If oneness is the ultimate reality underlying all experiences in life, my focus and dedication to oneness will certainly extend the unfailing love of God within me to the world around me.
These uncertain times can be for us a turning point of faith. We can be bold in the face of all judgment and make a firm commitment to respond with unconditional love to every situation and condition of life. Remember my friends, no matter what the question, love is the answer.
Be blessed and Be a Blessing…
Rev. Tony

Dear prayer family,

You’ll find this helpful in praying for yourselves and others. It is filled with wonderful energy.
Human declarations are far more powerful than affirmations. And they are ten times more powerful than petitions. A petition is the way most people have been trained to communicate with Spirit. A petition is something like this: ‘Oh please, God or Spirit or Universe, help me get through this day and I will forever be grateful’. That is a petition. It is asking for help, as if Spirit is not your equal, or your partner, in manifesting what you need or want.
A declaration comes from a place of knowing that you and your own spirit [and] the larger spirit with a capital ‘S’ are truly one and not separated. So a declaration goes more like this: ‘I am infused with the power of Spirit and all beings surrounding me, and I trust, and know, that this day ahead of me will be smooth, and filled with positive results’. That is a declaration. It has power; it has intention; and all beings surrounding you will respond to that declaration and participate in supporting it in a way that does not happen, when one approaches their own spirit and the Universe, or God or whatever name you choose, from a place of being little and looking at the Universe as having all the power.