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New Ep. 32.What is God for you?

Ep. 31.Celebrating the Birth of the Christ in Us

Ep. 30.Peace on Earth, Is it Possible?

Ep. 29.Finding Your Balance

Ep. 28.Mindfulness and Meditation

Ep. 27.Tuning In To Spirit

Ep. 26.Transformation of Mind/ The Way to Peace

Ep. 25.Calmer Choice impacting our youth

Ep. 24.Finding a clear reflection

Ep. 23.Healing the Divide

Ep. 22.Our Greatest Need

Ep. 21.Conscious living a shift from fear to love

Ep. 20.The Choice for Peace/A Revolution of Consciousness

Ep. 19. The Power of Self-Compassion

Ep. 18. Calming the Inner Storm

Ep. 17. Uniting in the Extension of Love

Ep. 16. The Practice of Non-Attachment

Ep. 15. The Basis for Spiritual Healing

Ep. 14. The Crossroads of Consciousness

Ep. 13. God and Nature part 2

Ep. 12. God and Nature

Ep. 11. Our Work is an Expression of God

Ep. 10. Happy New You: Transformation of the Human Mind

Ep. 9. The Birth of a New Consciousness

Ep. 8. A Mindful Adventure

Ep. 7. A Vote for Truth !

Ep. 6. Creating Community

Ep. 5. Making a Calmer Choice

Ep. 4. Trusting the Spirit of Eternal Love

Ep. 3. The Spiritual Solution

Ep. 2. Spiritual Leadership

Ep. 1. Necessary trouble