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New Ep. 28.Mindfulness and Meditation

Ep. 27.Tuning In To Spirit

Ep. 26.Transformation of Mind/ The Way to Peace

Ep. 25.Calmer Choice impacting our youth

Ep. 24.Finding a clear reflection

Ep. 23.Healing the Divide

Ep. 22.Our Greatest Need

Ep. 21.Conscious living a shift from fear to love

Ep. 20.The Choice for Peace/A Revolution of Consciousness

Ep. 19. The Power of Self-Compassion

Ep. 18. Calming the Inner Storm

Ep. 17. Uniting in the Extension of Love

Ep. 16. The Practice of Non-Attachment

Ep. 15. The Basis for Spiritual Healing

Ep. 14. The Crossroads of Consciousness

Ep. 13. God and Nature part 2

Ep. 12. God and Nature

Ep. 11. Our Work is an Expression of God

Ep. 10. Happy New You: Transformation of the Human Mind

Ep. 9. The Birth of a New Consciousness

Ep. 8. A Mindful Adventure

Ep. 7. A Vote for Truth !

Ep. 6. Creating Community

Ep. 5. Making a Calmer Choice

Ep. 4. Trusting the Spirit of Eternal Love

Ep. 3. The Spiritual Solution

Ep. 2. Spiritual Leadership

Ep. 1. Necessary trouble