Message from the Minister November 2019

The Adventure Continues


On November 1, 2019 my mother left her body and the physical realm to continue her adventure on the invisible side of life. Some say she is on the other side of the veil, a thin veil of perception which keeps us from awareness of the greater reality. I can honestly say it has never kept me from awareness at all. There is a wonderful quote which crossed my desk this week… “Death is nothing more than the spirit upgrading to a better means of transportation.” Rev. Anonymous

I have come to discover the truth that there is no death, we are spiritual beings, connected to all life for all eternity. The mystery that revealed this great truth to me did not come in a single flash of divine providence, but rather through many moments of miracle and revelation as well as consistent practice of spiritual principles for most of my life. I can also say without reservation, this is my experience and not merely concepts or words on a page.

The adventure of life is given to us in a way which unfolds according to our desire and decision. When we are ready for the next step, the path appears before us, not a moment sooner or a moment later, but in perfect, divine timing and divine order. If these steps are taken with grace and ease, I believe is largely up to us. How do we want our adventure to unfold? That is the direction we will set our inner compass.

I know there are those who blame the past for the way they relate to the present moment; but I endeavor to suggest we will enjoy the journey much more when we take responsibility for our experience and claim our power in co-creating our reality. Our fears melt away like dew on the morning grass as the sun begins to rise. Within us something also begins to rise, the awareness of our ultimate reality, our higher consciousness, our power and our freedom.

The transition of my mom from this earthly realm into spirit has not left me alone and troubled, but rather filled with hope and basking in the presence of pure love. I can say without hesitation, the journey has not ended for her or for our relationship. I can feel her strong hand of guidance and words of encouragement echo in my grieving soul. I see a bright and liberated spirit dancing on the winds and calmly entering the last few hardened places of my heart, softening my steps and lightening my journey. I feel the peace and the passion of living. I am renewed in the certainty that my purpose in this life is being fulfilled and by the fact mom wanted only this for me.

My mom was only concerned with my happiness and joy. She was there to see me find the Love of my life, Liliana, to find the spiritual community in which I would become pastor, and she stayed here long enough to make sure that the adventure would continue on a positive path. If you are happy the way Unity on Cape Cod is growing, if you are happy with your minister and all the things he and his wife bring to you each week, if you feel at home in this spiritual community, please take a moment to thank my mom, Mildred Cryer, for making sure I had the support needed to continue my adventure with all of you. She is one of those angels, who for a brief interval of time appeared in human form.

May our adventure continue in love, peace and joy.
Rev. Tony