The Mission of the Membership Ministry:

To support Unity Church of the Light by bringing clarity, ease, and grace to the path of membership.

 What Membership Means



Some of our New Members, September 2016.

• Only members can vote on important church matters – election of Trustees, purchase of real estate, calling of a special meeting, etc.

• Becoming a member is an important step that demonstrates your commitment to this church, our spiritual community, and Unity as your spiritual path.

• Membership is a public affirmation of Unity’s place in your life and in our world. It inspires others to consider taking this same step.

• As a member of Unity, you are a part of a growing group, around the world, that stands for the universal principle that God is Love and present in all people.

The Path to Membership

Anyone can belong to our Unity community and participate in spiritual and volunteer activities. except those reserved for voting members.


1. Participate in the church for at least six consecutive months.

2. Complete our spiritual enrichment course:   Exploring the Five Unity Principles

3. Enter into our Membership Covenant

Membership information meetings, spiritual enrichment courses, and membership celebration ceremonies are offered periodically throughout the year.

Membership Covenant

  • I will make my own spiritual development and relationship with God a priority in my life.
  • I will include the church in my daily prayer life.
  • I will include the church in my financial planning. My financial contributions to the church will reflect its importance in my life.
  • I will offer consistent volunteer service to the church.
  • If I experience upset or conflict with the church, or someone in it, I will follow the steps outlined in our Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love covenant.
  • I will extend myself to guests of the church and to those I do not know.
  • I will participate in the creation and maintenance of the church, both the inner and outer.
  • I understand and am aligned with the basic teachings of Unity.
  • Divine Spirit is the true leader of this church. I will do my best to recognize and surrender to Spirit’s plan as I participate in making choices for the church.
  • I will make every effort to attend all membership meetings of the church, since I understand that my presence and vote are important.