Message from the Minister November 2018

Gratitude, The Great Game Changer


In Unity we learn the power of our minds, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create the world we experience. In this season of giving thanks, let us be ever mindful of all the things we have to be grateful for. Let us focus on those things and thereby increase and multiply the good in our lives and in the whole world.

It is said what we focus on in our heart and mind will increase in manifestation in our world. Hate and conflict feed on more hate and conflict, while love and gratitude also feed on the same energy. If we are to put the power of dynamic, positive energy to work in our lives, we must begin with gratitude. When we are grateful there is absolutely no room for negative energy to accumulate in our minds. Rather, an air of joy and positive movement goes with us on our daily journey. We begin to influence those around us on a subtle level that is more powerful than the transient conflicts we perceive.

When I am grateful I am affirming that God is good and everywhere present at all times, that the Universe is always conspiring on my behalf, and that healing and wholeness is my natural state of being. When I say thank you to the Universe, I am calling forth more of the same experiences for which I am grateful. The continuous flow of blessings increases because I acknowledge what I want instead of what I don’t want. In this way, I am also ready to receive more. When I complain about my situation, I am blocking the flow of good that can heal my mind and satisfy my need. When I strive for worldly gain, my need is never satisfied, no matter how much wealth or status I accumulate. However, when I am grateful for everything I have now, more will be given me, because I have given all to fulfill the purpose Spirit has given for my life.

We have also learned through New Thought teaching that our thoughts are prayers. When I hold negative thoughts and harbor resentments against my brothers or sisters, I am praying for more of the same for me. The action of a grateful mind changes the game completely. I now pray for those who I disagree with, the ones I feel are committing evil acts or otherwise assault my sense of decency or morality. I send them the loving energy which I want to receive. I hold them in the light of their true nature and not what appears on the outside. I hold all my loved ones in this light as well, knowing they too will experience soul-growth and experience peace by connecting with the goodness within. I send out the thoughts and prayers that I wish to receive, and I am forever grateful for the blessings that continue to flow each and every day.

It is my sincere wish that we take the mystery out of affirmative prayer and know that what we are grateful for will increase in our experience. How I affirm the truth is by being thankful for it. In this manner, it becomes an unstoppable power of eternal love, flowing in me through me and as me. I am so impressed that these spiritual laws work at all times, in every situation and with every single person regardless of where they find themselves in this world. Focus on the solution my friends. Begin by changing the game completely. Flip it on its head and be grateful for every single thing.

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” (Philippians 4:8)

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Message from the minister October 2018

Color My World with Love


In New England, Autumn brings with it a colorful array of natural, visual delights. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nature always wears the color of the Spirit.” We can also use this time to tune into a deeper change being brought about by the Spirit within. We have an opportunity to embrace the energy that colors our life and our world during these times of shift and change. Looking at your life, and the colors of your experience this Fall, perhaps you can sense a force moving in you that is more powerful than the seeming conflicts of the outer world. Perhaps the artist painting the picture of your life could be the Christ Spirit within you. Perhaps this is the moment we can step back and give thanks for all the beauty and perfection that has been revealed to us already, in the form of good relationships, abundance of kindness, and constant comfort and care. These are some of the colors the great artist within uses to color our world with love.

I often find, when I am attempting to paint my world without the guidance of the master painter, I don’t like the world pictured there; but when I give my life over to divine guidance, love once again becomes the theme of everything I see. In fact, universal love is constantly guiding each of us if we allow it. It will move our hands and feet, put the right colors on the paint brush of our minds, direct our thoughts and actions just right, in order to create that perfect masterpiece that only we can bring onto this world.

When I ponder all the decisions and all the possibilities there are in bringing forth my highest good, I know I cannot perceive them by myself. I can honestly say, “Of myself I can do nothing,” (John 5:30). I know I am not alone. There is a greater Self waiting and wanting to guide me on the spiritual path. We have come to know this as divine mind, the spirit of the living God in us, our Christ-Self. As I allow that force to move in me and in my life, the calm assurance of a loving presence is given me. This presence I feel becomes evident everywhere and in everyone. It brings me the comfort and strength to let go and forgive the world. As I forgive, I learn to entrust my life to Spirit. I pray only that the Divine Presence of love, light and wisdom guide me in all things, always and in all ways. I no longer fear the changing seasons; but rather welcome them, knowing they will inevitably color my world with nothing but eternal, Divine Love.
Always Yours in Christ Consciousness, Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister, September 2018

Fall into Love

Here it comes again, the change of seasons in beautiful New England, the inevitable metamorphosis of the landscape and weather patterns that often mirror the changing patterns of our life. One thing I have come to know from my life experience is that everything always unfolds with grace and ease when I embrace the change. In fact, the more we go with the flow, the more exciting the adventure of life becomes. I often hear the phrase, “change is good.” Well, that doesn’t always seem to be the case if we are not prepared for it, or we resist the inevitable ebb and flow of the universe. The fall season comes every year and leads into winter and again into spring; but many of us act surprised when the cold and the rain and the storms returns. We might complain about the darkness, the short days, or the need to stay inside more often and wear those layers of clothes to keep warm. We have an opportunity this fall to embrace the change, to soak in the visual delights of colorful fall days, long walks on almost empty beaches, skies that stretch out beyond the horizon and point to endless possibilities just waiting to be brought into existence by the power of your intention.

This is a time of opportunity, to witness the unlimited substance of God’s universal mind expanding within our consciousness. I believe the ending of summer always brings new opportunities to love and be loved, to grow in the knowledge and experience of our own perfect divine nature, unfolding with the cycles of life itself. This wonderful time of year brings with it the winds of change and growth, whether that change, and growth is a positive experience or a troubling one is really our choice. I believe we have the power to harness the energy of change and embrace the process of growth. In fact, all our distress stems from resistance to the inevitable flow of change and the certain necessity of our spiritual evolution. I am convinced that by bonding together in a mutual commitment to spiritual awakening, we bring the energy of healing and remembrance of love to all humanity. When we fall into the love of the divine presence, we hold that space free and clear for others to follow. The universe offers such beauty in the movement and such excitement in the seasons of life. If you find yourself in the changing seasons of your life, embrace the season with a calm assurance that the universe is unfolding perfectly according to divine law. Embrace the moment and fall into the loving heart of God. I will meet you there.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister August 2018

The Adventure of Spiritual Awakening Continues

Once upon a time, on a chilly fall day along a lonely beach on the shores of Cape Cod, walked a sixteen year old kid; mixed up and confused about the purpose of his life, he prayed to the sky, to the wind and seas, in a desperate, innocent attempt to reach the Spirit/God beyond the world he could see with his physical eyes. That kid was me, and little did I know, this story would become an integral part of my adventure. As I walked along, questioning the meaning of my life, I felt like I became one with the rolling waves as they persisted to crash into the sand. I noticed the sand did not mind being pummeled by the ocean, instead it welcomed the next wave and the next, as if they were part of one passionate dance of life. That day dozens of gulls were perched low on the beach because of the ferocity of the wind, and yet their faces were turned into it, not away in avoidance. Each and every gull took their place in the perfectly formed line of birds along the shore; accepting the wind into their faces, they seemed to enjoy the weather, again as part of the dance of life in which they played their part to perfection. Just as the birds, the wind and the waves played their roles in authentic perfection, I began to get the feeling that I too had a role to play in this dance of life, one that was equally as important as the rest. From that miraculous day on, I knew my purpose would find me. I no longer had to search wildly around in the world for a purpose that did not sing to my soul. The adventure would unfold before me and within me, without struggle or strain. In fact, the journey seemed to be one of letting go of struggle and confusion, and would now become one of inner peace and deep knowing. This journey has continued as the most exciting adventure ever imagined, the adventure of spiritual awakening.

Along the way I have encountered numerous souls, all on their own path of enlightenment, at various stages of experience, and at their own level of spiritual understanding. Everyone however, has had one thing in common, a deep desire for the truth, not a mere conceptual understanding of truth, but a deep inner knowing of who and what they really are, and a lasting experience of the oneness we all share. I have met thousands of people along my path of awakening who have proved to me their reality is not found in separation. At the core of it all, we all seem to share the same experience and have the same revelation. “I am in God, God is in me, and I am in everyone, as everyone is in me.” There could never be any truth found in this apparent separate state, and the real world of oneness and eternal love is the only true reality there is.

If you are feeling this overwhelming impulse to know the truth of your being and live in the knowledge of our singular reality, you have come to the right place. If you believe the real revolution is the evolution of our consciousness, you have come to the right place. If you want peace on earth and you know it must begin with you, you have come to the right place. If you are dedicated to giving to others, and to the idea that lifting others up is the way we rise, you have come to the right place. If you want to see the world of eternal peace and love as your manifest destiny, you have come to the right place. If you have a deep desire to make the shift from fear to love, you have come to the right place. If you want to teach only love and see the Christ in others, you have come to the right place; and if you want to be part of this growing community of those committed to sharing these spiritual principles, I would have to say, you have not only come to the right place, but you are the place, the place where God shines through and blesses all the world. Thank you for joining in the dance and taking your part in the glorious adventure of spiritual awakening. Welcome Home!

Always yours in Christ Consciousness,

Rev. Tony

Message from the Minister July 2018

Rediscovering The Independence of Your Soul

In this summer season, so close to our national celebration of Independence day, I can’t help thinking about the true nature of freedom. The way I experience true freedom is non-attachment, non-attachment to any worldly care or concern, to any material manifestation or physical outcome. It is a deep immersion into spirit, not as an escape from the world; but rather an acceptance of what appears in my world as a vehicle for soul growth and expansion of my spiritual experience.

When my expectations are translated into certainty of immediate release, my soul feels free. I am certain that Spirit/God is, and that the divine presence and power is omnipresent now and in every circumstance of my life, in all aspects of creation and available at every possible moment. The ever-present nature of God within and all around me assures me that I am free in my consciousness, without restriction or limitation of any kind. I am not shut off from my desires; but I see those desires are of a spiritual nature. I receive all that is mine by practicing patience. One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles states, “Infinite patience brings immediate results.”
The ultimate awareness I want to achieve in my heart and my soul is to be totally free and unbound by the restrictions of mortal consciousness.

When we identify ourselves from the perspective of separation we cannot feel free. There always seems to be an outside force trying to control us, someone always seems to appear that we must combat and battle with for that freedom. To see oneself as an ego, trapped in a body and bound by time, we have to fight for our “so called” independence. If we do not see ourselves as free, then we do not see our creator as a loving and omnipotent force. I would suggest here that we can only gain back our experience of independence by becoming totally dependent on Spirit/God! And it might be important to remember our surrender is to an absolute good and loving presence in all, through all and as all.

In God we were created eternally free. The constraints placed on humankind are made up illusions of limitation, perpetuated by the minds content with seeking out worldly power and satisfaction of the ego. With this in mind, I seek an independence from the tyranny of the ego and release of all the methods of attack and defense I have built into my thought system. Another wonderful way I can recognize I am free is to remember I can choose to think anything I want. If my mind is forever free then I can bring into manifestation a world of freedom, equality, love, compassion and recognition of God in everyone. After all, it is my mind, I am free to use it on behalf of my own independence.
And… as we have discovered, our total dependence on a loving, powerful, creative and singular source of reality becomes the means to attain the liberation of our soul in the splendor of Spirit. Happy and free is the one who has cast the cares of the world aside to breathe the fresh air of sweet independence, here and now, always and forever free.

Happy Total Dependence Day!
Total dependence on a Loving God!
Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister June 2018

Practicing The Presence


When in the presence of pure being, I can realize this as my true nature, unlimited and endowed with all the attributes of my eternal source. Focusing my attention on the divine, creative spirit within and all around me, I remain aware of the perfection of this moment. This has been called by some, “practicing the presence.”

You might ask, “if I am already the light of the world, and live in the power and presence of God, why do I have to practice the presence?” Because my dear friends, we have forgotten who we really are. We have been in a deep sleep of forgetfulness and have been dreaming of separation, guilt, blame and attack. The thing we are not aware of is that we have been judging and attacking ourselves, and it is this we have projected upon the world we see.

By practicing the presence of God, we demonstrate our own true reality. We are bringing into manifestation the fruits of the Spirit and extending the eternal love that we are. Yes, you are the love, you are the miracle, you are the light, you are the evidence of a singular source of all creation here in this world. However, in order demonstrate the presence of pure being, there must be a willingness to let all other images of ourselves go. If we are made in the image and after the likeness of Divine Spirit, then we must accept the attributes of that Spirit in order to experience it for ourselves.

In this world, nothing will ever bring you more peace, satisfaction and joy than the experience of yourself as the pure being that you are. It is known to some as the Holy Instant, the moment when the presence of the Divine is all you know and all you are.
Let this new season bring with it a renewed passion for attaining continuing awareness of that moment. Let this summer truly be the summer of love, and extend your love everywhere to everyone all the time. Be grateful to share of your eternal, divine, perfect, all-pervasive love. Let us be determined this summer to bring forth the memory of pure being and the experience of the presence of the living, loving God within us and everywhere present at all times.

I would like us to remember this call of our Higher Self with this prayer from Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore: “I am now in the presence of pure being and immersed in the Holy Spirit of love, life and wisdom. I acknowledge Thy presence and power O blessed Spirit. In thy wisdom now erase my mortal limitations, and from Thy pure substance of love bring into manifestation my world, according to Thy perfect law.”
(Charles Fillmore, Jesus Christ Heals, page 22)

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister May 2018

Welcoming The Change


Spring is finally here! As the beauty of the first days of Spring have finally arrived at our doorsteps, it seems the frustration of the long, storm-filled months still lingers in our minds and emotions, and yet now can be a time of great healing and renewal. This is the time when we emerge from the cocoon of winter and enjoy the new being we are becoming. The healing and relinquishment of the past is what we call upon every moment we turn in gratitude to what is before us right here and now. The acceptance of change as a good and beneficent and necessary part of the growth cycle can help speed us along into the greater prosperity and happiness we desire. When the new energies emerge it is important to remember, “You cannot put new wine into old wine skins.” (Matt. 9:17)

What is making itself available to us is the inevitable cycle of growth. It is such a relief indeed to see the sun again. What a joy to sit outside in her warmth, or walk on the beach during a spectacular sunset. The birds are singing their sweet songs once again. The grass is getting greener each day, the flowers are adding color to the landscape around us; and yes, those tiny little buds on the tips of the tree branches will turn into leaves (eventually) before our very eyes, as the miracle of the changing seasons reminds us that Spirit/God is actually still in charge of all things in the universe, despite our temptation to think otherwise.

Just as the seasons of nature are constantly moving into new growth, we too can use this time to shed our fears and frustrations, as a new level of awakening and awareness is born in us. We can embrace the change going on in us as wholeheartedly as we embrace the coming of spring. In fact, it is my challenge to you this year to do just that. Will you open yourself up to new possibilities and greater growth? Will you enter this new moment and this new season will a fierce optimism to allow all of God’s abundance to be manifest in you, through you and as you? Are you ready for the new you to step out into a new and wonderful world, one full of love and healing and adventure? If you are, then you can say, “I am welcoming the change.” And I then must say to you, “Welcome Home!”

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness…
Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister April 2018

April Message From the Minister
He is Risen/ Are You ?

Coming away from a joyous Easter celebration and a lot of discussion about the resurrection and what that means to each of us personally, I am challenged to look more deeply at the truth of my being. I am challenged to open my awareness to greater forces at work in the universe and in my life. I am also challenged as how to action the truth I know in a way that can be reflected in the world around me. The fifth principle of Unity reminds us that it is not enough to know these spiritual principles, one must live the truth he or she knows. The resurrection is a symbol or a reflection of a very real experience of the Christ principle being fully realized in an individual human being. It becomes, for us a way to view the unfolding of our own experience of spiritual awakening. It gives us a standard by which we can gauge the level of our compassion. Eric Butterworth called this the raising of ourselves to the “Christ standard.” It is the place where our higher mind is in charge of everything we think, everything we say or do. It is the place where we are acting out of love and not fear; and this love we are acting from is an eternal, unconditional love, one in which we know the truth of our being and of everyone else.

It is the place of healing power and harmonizing divine ideas, where we enjoy a sublime certainty that all is well forever. This is the place of resurrection, where we are not only allowing the love of God to flow through us, we are aware that we are the love of God itself. I know for most of us, this awareness may come and go, or we may only have a conceptual understanding of such things; but I assure you the one thing Jesus always attempted to teach us was that we are like him. He made this abundantly clear in the Gospel of John 14:12 when he said, “He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do…” If we are going to do the greater works spoken of in this scripture, we must face the glorious challenge to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2) and accept our own resurrection Here and Now! We have the example in the risen Christ Jesus, now it is our time to step up to the challenge and demonstrate the Christ Spirit within us. Now is our time to be resurrected.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister March 2018

Message From The Minister March 2018

Lent: A Journey of Awakening


As this season of Lent continues, and the storms of the world seem to intensify, let us remember this is a time of great opportunity for spiritual growth and development. This is a season which begins the final journey of our experience separation to the glorious resurrection of the Christ in us.

Charles Fillmore wrote in his book, Keep a True Lent, “Lent is a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment. When we can blend and merge our mind with God-Mind, the way is open for the Lord to glorify us and to lift us into a higher, more purer, more spiritual state.

The only thing I might add to that from our Unity perspective is: the Lord of our being is not a man separate from us, but the Christ within. This is a season of opportunity for each individual consciousness on Earth to experience that merging and blending with God-Mind, that resurrection of our minds into the sphere of Oneness and awareness of our eternal nature.
The simplicity of awakening lies in our desire for the transformation of our world, through the transformation of our own hearts and minds. If I want to eliminate something during this Lenten season, it is the way of seeing others as outside of myself, it is the way I speak of others and of myself in terms the limitations of the separate mind. I want to eliminate fear and judgment and anger and suffering.

If the dead thoughts of separation has led me to a world of suffering and sorrow, then I have to transform that world by bringing the awareness of Oneness and healing, first to my own mind, and then to the ones around me. A Course in Miracles has a wonderful statement of truth concerning this. It says: “The Light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.”

The true path to resurrection might then lie in the action of forgiveness. When we allow our mind to merge with God-Mind it will necessarily include all of creation. To understand what forgiveness really means is a journey of true courage and commitment; but what we are committing to is becoming our own perfect self, established in God and as God. This divine reality is what we discover in the process of our own personal transformation. The Bible says in (Romans 8:11), “If the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies…”

This is evidence that our own journey of transfiguration and resurrection is not only inevitable, but it is available to us here and now. The immanent reality of the manifest Christ in us… that is what we are making room for in our spiritual practice of Lent. Keep it a True Lent.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister February 2018

Message From The Minister February 2018
“Finding Peace in the Eye of the Storm”

As another winter storm rumbles through our little town by the sea, a blanket of snow covers the Cape, and a blanket of confusion covers my heart. With all that we give, and all the ways we seek to serve the community, why would someone break into our spiritual center? One can only surmise that it would have to be the same reasons why we still have human slavery, massive poverty, drug addiction, hunger, oppression, homelessness and war throughout the world, the same reason hatred and inequality are tolerated and perhaps even encouraged at the highest levels of our society. It is a reason so fundamental to the human species, that I cannot comprehend why we haven’t made greater strides in abolishing it. There is this one, all-pervasive condition which seems to strangle our peace and thrust us into fear. It is the opinion that we are not enough!

This is an opinion based on the belief that we are born imperfect and sinful, that somehow we are not good enough just the way we are. I see many people, young and old seeking escape rather than solutions. Escape into drugs and alcohol, escape into whatever might seem to fill that void and make one feel, even for just a moment, they are actually enough, that their life makes sense. If no one seems to care for these people in the margins of our society, they will try and find a way to fill that emptiness inside, one way or the other. The way we offer at Unity is the way of peace.

It is ironic that we at Unity are seeking the same thing, however turn to God to fill that void we have felt deep in our sub-conscious mind; a void we have felt between each other, and even between our loving source and ourselves. The illusion of separation was born from this mistaken feeling of something missing from the very core of our very being. This empty feeling is sometimes sought to be filled by substances of this world instead of spiritual substance. Whether it be drugs, money, sex or power… it is all still a feeble attempt to fill the void that only God can fill. It is not in my human power to ascertain what an individual might need in form, but I can say without hesitation, that the Spirit of the Living God will always remind you, you are enough!

After all we are made in the image and after the likeness of the One Power and One Presence. All that God is, we are; but we have to discover that truth for ourselves. I don’t pretend to know all you may need to begin your discovery of that true self; but I do know it is available and present for each of us equally, in every moment of every day. In whatever place you find yourself, and whatever condition or circumstance has brought you to this place, whatever rage or uncertainty you carry with you in your heart, I know it can be healed, and the void can be filled.

To the folks that broke into our building this week, took what was put in the collection
plate to serve the greater good of our community in an attempt to fill that empty place in your heart… next time, come in the front door, sit among us and find what will satisfy your real need. Among this congregation you will always be honored as the child of God that you are, you will always be seen with the eyes of Christ and accepted just the way you are. I know right now there is a storm in your heart; it is a storm we all share to some degree. My only prayer is that you find peace in the eye of that storm.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony