It is necessary to give freely if we are to receive freely. The law of receiving includes giving. The knowledge that substance is omnipresent and that people cannot, therefore, impoverish themselves by giving (but rather will increase their supply) will enable us to give freely and cheerfully.

Charles Fillmore


Make your Giving Simple with Automatic Giving


Automatic giving allows you to express your generosity with peace of mind that your tithes and offerings are contributed consistently even on those weeks when you are unable to attend regular services.

“Financial resources are not our mission but are the fuel that propels the mission.”

Consider automatic giving today by choosing one of the options on the reverse side of this form and set up a regular weekly or monthly donation on our website or through online banking.
Thank you for being a blessing for Unity on Cape Cod.

Automatic giving is an opportunity to easily have your Tithe or Love Offering placed on a credit or debit card or transferred directly from your bank account through your online banking system.


Option #1 Online banking:
Simply go to the online banking page on your bank’s website and add Unity on Cape Cod as a pay to account. Fill out the necessary information and your bank will send a check directly to us weekly or monthly depending on your choice.
(Questions regarding online banking please see Leonard Klein or Michael O’Connell.)


Option #2 Credit or Debit card giving:
Go to our website, Look for the yellow donate button by scrolling down on the right side panel on the homepage. When entering the amount you wish to donate, there is option to make it a monthly donation. Simply click the “monthly donation” option and you will be donating with your card on a regular monthly basis.