Message from the Minister October 2019

Conscious Evolution/Releasing the Past

We are living in times of shift and change, challenge and opportunity, and sometimes it seems we are being pushed to our limits. That is because we are. Conscious evolution requires that we go beyond that which we already know and come into new and expanded ways of relating to each other, our self and our world. The old worn out ways of judgment, competition and attack are wearing thin on the landscape of the human heart.

Pushing past the boundaries of what we have learned from the past and releasing all that no longer serves us is not a theoretical exercise; but rather a very practical practice, one we can apply everyday to every aspect of our lives. It makes perfect sense therefore that the first step in conscious evolution is to release the past and all that no longer serves our highest good.
How can we tell what no longer serves us? Does it bring you pain? Do you feel confusion? If it doesn’t make your heart sing with joy and your mind explode with creative ideas, it is probably excess baggage you need to relinquish and release from your life. And yes, even people have to be released from our lives sometimes if they are toxic to our peace of mind.

Allowing yourself to grow and evolve into a more bright, beautiful and expanded version of you can be so exciting and fulfilling, offering infinite blessings and abundant prosperity. The amazing news is that we can accelerate our process of spiritual awakening by consciously applying the principles of truth.

Forgiveness for example, is one of the most powerful ways we can do this. When we forgive the past and let it go, we are making room for more loving experiences to take place in our hearts and minds. Letting go of past hurts means to accept the lesson it has taught you, take your power back and move forward with your dreams. It is a very self-empowering act to claim your healing and demonstrate you are not your past. The wonderful thing forgiveness has given me is that it has proved to me that nothing can harm the Christ in me. There is a strength and power within me that cannot be affected by any circumstance or situation. In fact, my past has not defined me; but rather my response to the events of my life is the only factor of importance. I can say now with confidence, and I hope you can too, that I have learned to respond with love, patience and understanding with greater and greater frequency to everything I experience and everyone I meet.

I have learned an important way to test my mind in these matters. Does my response bring more peace, both to myself and the one’s around me? Does my response come from my ego or from God within? Am I feeling joy, excitement, gratitude, connection and creative expression in this moment? If I cannot answer with a resounding “yes,” then something is blocking my vision and slowing down my spiritual evolution. This is a moment of opportunity, not of lament, an opportunity to release my past and all that no longer serves my newly evolved self, an opportunity to allow others to evolve as well.