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Unity is a positive, practical spiritual path based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of affirmative prayer. Unity has a commitment to inclusion, diversity, compassion, healing and transformation. Unity is a path for anyone seeking a life based on spiritual principles, guided by love rather than fear.

Sunday Service
10:00 am. with Reverend Tony Cryer

October 1, 2023


The 13th century poet and mystic, Rumi once said…

Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

In Unity we refer to this as the field of infinite possibilities. How can we reach this field of consciousness, and once there, what can we do to expand awareness of it?

Beyond all our thoughts of limitation and separation, there is another way. Perhaps it is time we discover that way and follow it!


Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Sunday, October 1st
11:30 pm- 2:00 pm 

Everyone is invited to attend our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon right after service on Sunday October 1st at the clubhouse at Halcyon, 300 Buck Island Road in Yarmouth. There will be special awards, food, music and more. Please plan on attending this very special event.

Together, we are creating community!



New podcast with James Kershner

Fundraiser for the Minister's Salary

We are well into our yearly capital campaign for the minister’s salary.



The goal this year is to raise $55,000 by the Holiday season.

We are two thirds of the way to our goal, with $37,600 raised so far. 

(Thank you for all you are, all you give and all you are open to receive, we love you and bless you always and in all ways.)

Let us all tap into the ever-flowing abundance of Spirit and share our prosperity with our spiritual community.

“Financial resources are not the goal of our mission, but they are the fuel which propels the mission.” Charles Fillmore.

Online Auction

Online auction: Sep 30 – Oct 14
Live event and closing bids:  Oct 14
Donations accepted until: Sep 23

Want to join in a fun way to increase Unity’s prosperity?

A team is formed and planning an online auction followed by a live auction in October.

If you would like to join the team and/or donate items or services, contact Joanne at [email protected].

Examples of auctioned items:

  1. 2 overnight pet sitting
  2. A Yamaha guitar
  3. Spanish Classes
  4. Dinner for 6 people.
  5. And Much Much More!
We’ll be helping people to fill out the donation form at the end of the service on Sunday.

Letters from the community

Meet Rev. Tony
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Our Sunday Services

Unity on Cape Cod

Unity offers a philosophy of individual spiritual awakening and empowerment. We provide positive, practical teachings that help people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. We help people have a stronger connection to the God of their understanding each and every day. We help empower people to live abundant and meaningful lives. We believe in the innate goodness of every human being, and the potential for every person to discover their true purpose for living.

We are dedicated to the idea that God lives in each of us, and we celebrate our shared spiritual identity at every opportunity.


Twelve Step Meeting

Every Monday in Friendship Hall

There will be a 12 step meeting for all addictions downstairs in Friendship Hall. This will be a big book step study group. All individuals interested in recovery from addiction of any kind, as well as Alanon and ACOA members are welcome to attend.

Walking in the Spirit

Sun, Oct. 1
1:30 pm
Miller Pond/Old Yarmouth Historical Society

(Weather Permitting) 

We will meet in the parking lot of the Post Office 

231 MA-6A, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

Community Conversations

Oct. 8
Sunday After Service

Come and share your ideas about how can we help Unity on Cape Cod thrive.

Men's Group

There has been interest expressed in forming a men’s group at Unity. The goal of this group would be to provide opportunities to socialize and to participate in service projects that would benefit the Unity community and perhaps the local community as well. Anyone who may be interested in becoming a member of this group can put their name on the sign-up sheet which can be found on the table in the back of the sanctuary or contact Michael O’Connell.

Community Inspirations

A new web page has been created for our members to have a place to share their insights and inspiration regarding their spiritual journey in Unity. It is part of the Unity on Cape Cod blog called Community Inspirations. Please send in your submissions by email to [email protected]  with the words, “Community Inspirations” written in the subject space. 

The Affirmative Prayer circle with Rev. Tony and Liliana will return Sept. 28th at 7 pm. via Zoom.

(Click link below to join the zoom meeting.)

Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good…. The fourth principle of Unity!

Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until man’s consciousness synchronizes with the Christ Mind. It is the language of spirituality; when developed it makes man master in the realm of creative ideas
Charles Fillmore.

Affirmative prayer

Prayer Partner Ministry

Our prayer partner ministry is back. Every Sunday there will be a prayer partner available to pray with you after every service. Just look for the person with the White Prayer Chaplain stoll, standing by the door to the prayer room. Remember, affirmative prayer is one of the foundations of Unity and is considered to be the most highly accelerated form of mind action known. We are here to pray with you.

New Announcements

Congratulations and welcome to our new members at Unity on Cape Cod.

Be sure to check the website often for updates on activities downstairs in Friendship Hall.

Thank you for donating to
Ukrainian People

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude for the amazing response to the call for help for the Ukrainian people. So far, your donations of over $3,800 have been sent to The International Rescue Committee, 100% of which will be used to help refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to this cause!
Rev. Tony and The Board of Trustees

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