January message from the minister 2018

Message from the Minister/ January 2018
A New Way to Peace

As the storm rages around me I find a certain calm, I fall into an active peace no human can dare describe, yet I am sure everyone has felt it at one time in their life. And as feeble as the words may be, we attempt to describe our mystical experience so others may catch a glimpse of the the eternal nature within their own being.

The Bible calls it the peace which passes all understanding, The Hindus use the Sanskirt term shanti, which speaks of tranquility, calm, bliss, eternal rest, and happiness, or the ultimate state of perfect enlightened experience called Samadhi. The Hebrews say Shalom or they may pray Selah. In Arabic it is Salam. The Buddhist call it Ahisma. A Taoist can experience the yin and the yang as being perfectly balanced, in a state called Heping for the Chinese, or Hewa if you are Japanese. The Native Americans have so many different words for peace one can hardly count them. Each tribe has a unique language and expression and many states of peace exist. We might call it bliss, comfort, care, calm, serenity, relaxation of body, mind and soul; but I prefer to think of it as our natural state, a feeling of heaven on earth, an absolute awareness of our unity with the whole universe.

Indeed there are as many varying expressions for the sublime experience of inner peace as there are people who have found it; but for many of us who desire this peace as a way of life, we know it to be something that finds us. When we are made ready by the miracle and guided by grace, the peace we seek knocks at the door of our consciousness and completely envelops our hearts, as we fall into the
realm of the unexplained mysteries of God.

In this new year, perhaps we, as students of Truth will recognize the way to this experience is not a way at all, but the total acceptance that everything we were seeking is actually here now. Perhaps a very thin veil of perception was the only thing blocking our vision from seeing the Truth of this peace as our one true reality and the only constant state available in all the universe.

We always sing, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.” I believe the most important word here is “let.” To allow peace to be what it is, to refuse to throw the veil of my mistaken ideas across the face of peace any longer, to finally let go and let God be exactly what it is, to discover the beauty and the mystery and the majesty of my own being in oneness with everything there is.

Happy New Year my amazing friends !
Rev. Tony

December message from the minister

December message from the minister

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Everyone!

In the course of human history, perhaps no other event has more mystical appeal than the birth of the Christ. Heading into this Christmas season, let us remember the real reason we celebrate the coming of the Christ. It signifies the dawning of the light into the consciousness of human beings, God being recognized in every individual and the remembrance of our own divine nature.

Unity has long supported the idea of development of our Christ consciousness as a way of following the teachings of Jesus, not to worship or bow down to idols or religious doctrine; but rather an ongoing discovery of what lies within the depths of our own hearts and minds. To accept the birth of new ideas and new experiences for each individual has such powerful life-changing implications.

We are free to determine our own beliefs and spiritual views based on real experience and direct revelation occurring within our own consciousness. The birth of the Christ in us is more of a memory of Spirit than of receiving a special favor from an outside power. We are discovering the power within ourselves. Gaining knowledge of that power is what I call the birth of the Christ in us.

The sign of Christ is a star, shining within the bright heaven of our holy minds, one with everything there is and ever was and ever will be. Our true identity has been revealed to us at last, and now we can celebrate the coming of knowledge into our hearts and rejoice. The light of God is with us and within us. It always was and always will be, but now the time has come to acknowledge that eternal truth and allow our light to shine upon the world without limit or reservation.

This is the month we celebrate the birth of Christ, not in Jesus alone, but in each and everyone. The great shift in the consciousness of humankind is now and will signify the end of the seeming separation and a world born out of conflict and fear. A new world which reflects the laws of divine mind is being born along with the Christ in you. A new and magnificent experience of life awaits us all as we accept the emerging Christ in us.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays my dearest friends!
Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

Message From The Minister November

Message From The Minister November
Our One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe that one year has already gone by since I was officially hired as the Spiritual Leader of Unity on Cape Cod. So much can happen in a year, and yet so much still seems before us to accomplish. In truth, we have only to accept our abundance and claim our peace right now, in this moment. As we relax ever deeper into our eternal relationship with God and each other, a certain calm comes over me. I give thanks.

I am thankful for the truth of our being and the sacredness of our joining together in this amazing adventure of spiritual evolution. I know it has been a difficult year for many of us; but healing and wholeness have prevailed and will always bind us together in bonds of joy, understanding and peace; understanding our neighbors struggles as well as celebrating their victories, understanding the true essence of each individual as the perfect love of God, and understanding how precious is each and every soul among us.

Our joy has manifest itself in steady, increased attendance on Sunday mornings, a growing membership base, an amazing youth program, dynamic guest speakers and musicians, top notch spiritual events and workshops throughout the year; and most of all, a certain peace and excitement I see glowing in the eyes of everyone who joins us at Unity each week.

We are one third of the way through our heating and cooling upgrade. We have a beautiful website, a magnificent stained glass altar box, a solid prayer team and many steady volunteers on every ministry team, new board members and a leadership council forming soon. Many building improvements have been made, with many more to come. I believe the future of our spiritual center has a firm foundation, built from within.

Our tithing to the community has reached thousands of people, young and old, and we envision doing more for our community in the future. With Spirit at the core of all our thinking, speaking and acting, with Truth and Divine Principle leading the way, we will continue to grow together in healing and in love.

For me, this is a time to be grateful and celebrate the gift we have been given, and that is the gift of each other. Happy first year together my friends. Thank you for choosing me as your spiritual leader, Thank you for your commitment to Unity on Cape Cod. Thank you for the opportunity to give and to serve. Thank you for you!

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

October Minister`s Message

Message From the Minister October

Change of Season, Change of Mind

In this world of paradox, the difference between truth and illusion becomes more apparent. The world of separation is screaming at us in an attempt to prove its reality. Last month ended with yet another deadly monster storm and this month begins with the worst mass shooting in modern history, not really very long after the last worst mass shooting and the one before that. All these tragedies, one after another makes you wonder, where is God in all this?

What is your best answer? What would you say to the parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook elementary school? What could you offer to a wife who survived the massacre in Las Vegas as her husband covered her from the bullets? Can anyone comfort those who survived the night club in Orlando? What words can you offer to the person who has lost everything following hurricane Harvey, or Irma or Maria? How do we find truth beyond all this?

What more can we say? How much more can we pray? When every possible alternative has been exhausted, when no more words come and all the prayers have run dry, that is when we finally turn to Spirit with authentic desire.

The answer is always there. Staring us in the face, but again and again we refuse to look. We refuse to listen. I don’t know if I can say it one more time. I am not sure I can say it another way, or with any more passion. There is not one more parable or story I can tell that can express it with any more clarity. With all our teachers and teachings and prayers and miracles, and with everything that is available to us, it should be clear by now that Heaven or hell is the choice of the individual mind. The choice is always and only, separation or oneness, God or the ego, truth or illusions, love or fear.

All the violence and evil in this world is born of that one idea that “we are separate!” The ego screams again and again the same refrain and Spirit simply remains itself, constant and unyielding. When all the foolishness is done and the illusions have gone down to dust, we look straight into the heart of God once again; and once again face the choice to remember who we are or continue our attack upon ourselves. With the changing of the season, perhaps each of us can change our minds, and this time choose to remember “We are One!”

With Love and Gratitude
Rev. Tony

Spetember Minister`s Message

Message From the Minister September
A Season of Change

In the wake of yet another climate disaster, this time in Houston, I am forced to go deeper into what I truly believe. I have four friends on the ministerial ordination path that live in the Houston area. So for me, I have had to look at this disaster from a personal, yet global perspective simultaneously. No longer can we live in our little bubbles and pretend we are not connected to everyone, everywhere. If someone is trapped in a flood in Houston, that’s me. If someone is experiencing a famine in Yemen, that’s me. If someone is going to help and heal, hey that’s me!

Yes, people have helped each other in miraculous ways to escape and recover from the floods recently. The physical recovery will take many years to come, and for some, the death and destruction will have overcome their life here on earth. If we can respond so wholeheartedly, and with so much love and care in these times of crisis, why do we not choose this loving attitude always? If we can respond in times of great need, can we not act out of love at all times as well? If there is the capacity for such focused cooperation for survival, can we not see that the entire human race is at a crossroads of its very existence? What is stopping us from taking similar action to save our planet for our future generations? What stops us from ending the scourge of racism, sexism or any other prejudice in our world once and for all?

I truly believe it is because we, as a species, still operate from a fundamental error in our thinking. If thinking leads to our beliefs, and beliefs lead to our actions, and our actions give us the world we experience; then the thought system based on the idea of our differences must be overcome by reason. It is not reasonable that we allow our climate to change and people to suffer needlessly. It is not reasonable to me that the illusion of our separation be the foundation of our thought system, when in fact we are all equal and we are all one. What do those two things have in common? What does separation have to do with climate change? These are two dots that can be easily connected if we care to look at them from the perspective of spiritual principle.

The thought system of separation and fear is at the core of our laws, our societies, our governments, our educational systems, businesses, and religions as well. In order to protect our separate selves and separate lives and separate interests we have to compete.
Finally it is a competition no one can ever win. All we do is build up the ego and try to replace God with the this false idol we have made to take God’s place. Fear rules the ego’s world and drives the machine of separation. Fear of each other keeps us in the mad rush for success at the expense of all our natural resources. The quest for human/ego power has placed profits above human the value of human lives, and this is not something people of faith can afford to tolerate any longer.

I am going to suggest that September be the month of change, the change of our minds about our purpose for being here, the change of our hearts about joining together in the truth, the change of our thinking as to who and what we really are, and most importantly, the change in our attitudes toward each other and the planet on which we live. If something must die in the autumn season, then let it be my apathy toward the great need before us. Let that unconsciousness be swept away by the winter winds, and let us be witness to a powerful rebirth of positive and practical solutions for Humankind, solutions that come from the One Power and One Presence active in the universe and in me.

Always yours in Christ Consciousness,
Rev. Tony

MInister’s Message August 2017

Message from the Minister August 2017 
You Have The Power

Absolute good, everywhere present, that is how we define God in Unity. Whatever term you use to define God; the universe, divine Mind, our source, oneness of being or universal consciousness, this one thought can change your whole experience of life and your attitude about everything. This is the foundation of positive, practical Christianity. The more we can see the good in all things, the closer we are to the true nature of the universe, God and ourselves.

Recently I posted a statement on Facebook. It reads, “The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. It is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.” In other words, it is giving us another example of the third principle of Unity, “We create our experiences by the activity of our thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.”

The problem we have with this teaching is that we don’t want that much power. We would rather remain small and separate from the universe. It seems much safer to go through life that way. It seems much safer to give that power to something outside of our own consciousness. The problem with that kind of thinking is that it keeps us limited to a very small perception of everything, especially ourselves.

I have a challenge for each and everyone of us here at Unity on Cape Cod. Let’s make August the month of reclaiming our spiritual power. For this month, I would like to hold one thought in mind each day… “I have been given all power in Heaven and earth.” and I will be asking myself a question…“What will I do with this power to bless myself the world today?” Each day I will remind myself of my ultimate reality and allow my reality to be manifest in form according to divine ideas.

I am one with the unfailing universal power of truth, love, wisdom and peace. I bring this peace with me wherever I go, and the power of this light in me shines through every appearance of lack or limitation in my life and in the lives of those around me. I am the change agent in every situation that calls for positive change. I am the healing power in every situation which calls for healing. I am the demonstration of love wherever there is a thought of hate. I will represent oneness in the face of separation, and I step forward in the totality of universal love, from which I was created.

Yours in Power and in Truth
Rev. Tony

Minister’s Message July

Message from the Minister July 2017

Celebrating our Independence

July is the month we begin by celebrating our nation’s independence day; but a greater liberation awaits those who are now willing to abandon the world of suffering and accept their freedom as a living, loving creation of a loving God. We have together discovered the immutable law of oneness; that we are of one mind, one heart, one love, one God, one creator and one perfect creation, forever expanding in the eternal reality we all share. Now has come the time to claim this truth as your own unchanging reality. Free from all thoughts of separation and loss, we can continue to discover this amazing, dynamic truth which holds us in an energy of continuous healing and harmony.

What does it take? What do I need to do?
Perhaps you need a revolution of consciousness in order to break the chains of limited thinking, that’s why we have chosen the spiritual path. Each one of us here at Unity has made a choice to practice freedom from separation and suffering in every form it takes.
By practicing the principles of truth, we train our minds to always see the world Spirit is offering us each moment. When we live in that world, we offer the way to freedom and of peace to all our brothers and sisters everywhere. The shift of awareness, the awakening of consciousness and the world of oneness is a real thing my friends.

Your time is now!
This might be your time to join the revolution of mind and become a catalyst of true spiritual freedom for yourself and for everyone. The world needs your awakening and your joy. I can see no better way to be the light and carry healing to all those who have forgotten who they really are. Look into your heart now and ask this question of yourself, “Am I willing now to bring peace and freedom to the world?” If your answer is yes, you are in the right place, right here at Unity!

Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony

Minister’s Message June

Message from the Minister June 2017

Remember our source


Summer is a time of fun in the sun, gathering with family and friends, hosting events for everyone to share in our happiness and our joy. As summer gets underway this year, let us keep in mind the true source of our all our good and all our happiness. There is always an abundance of opportunities for us to receive our good, but sometimes we get distracted by the fleeting moments of excitement in sense consciousness. The result of our misalignment of focus on Spirit brings only confusion and anxiety. However, I can choose to remain focused on the source of all good and all power and walk with the great expectancy of that good being manifest in my life and in the world.

The great adventure of life continues, as we make this choice together as a community to stay focused on the source and the truth within our hearts, everything we need to thrive in the Spirit will be given us in good measure, pressed down and running over. I see an abundant summer ahead, and welcome the warmth of our spiritual family even more than the warm weather ahead, knowing they are both part of the whole experience of God in me expressing in the world.

Get ready my dear ones for amazing things ahead. An incredible time of spiritual growth continues for all of us. I am attending my first intensive at  Unity Village, as part of the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute in the first days of June. We are beginning again our twenty one day prosperity experiment on June 11, as well as hosting our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. We have the return of The Hyannis Sound to Unity the following weekend and we will end the month with a beautiful Sacred music concert with Felicia Rose.

This summer we will also be enriching our prayer team, and more importantly our prayer consciousness. So as the summer moves into full swing and the nature around us in full bloom, let us be steadfast and resolute to do the same, allow the garden of our hearts and minds to burst into the brilliant expression of God’s love we always dreamed possible. For in God, not only are all things possible, they are already accomplished.

Let the Fun Begin!

Yours Always in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony


Minister’s Message May

Message from the Minister May 2017

What a joy to Bloom where you are planted…

Here we go… jumping into spring with expectancy and full expression of the Christ in us. I am so happy to see so many new faces coming regularly to Unity every Sunday. We just completed our most successful Earth Care series and Earth day celebration to date. Easter and our recent “Bring a friend to church” day were also services to remember. Our yard has been cleaned up and looking good. The Stained glass altar box will be ordered soon, and new furnaces are on the way. Our prayer chaplain program is getting new life, and the healing continues throughout the week. There really is more amazing things happening than I can say.

Spirit has given us more energy to accomplish all we desire and more. In this time of greater growth, a new prosperity project is going to help us bring in the substance to manifest all we need to keep up with our growing community. Workshops, classes and concerts are lined up for the next few months. Fasten your seat belts everyone. The adventure continues. I want to express my gratitude for all our team leaders and remind everyone how much your involvement is appreciated, in fact it is what makes it all happen.

My deepest prayer in these days is that we continue acknowledge and cherish one another with the love of Spirit, always and in all ways. My only request of you, my dearest brothers and sisters, is that you bloom right here where Spirit has planted you.
And if you are one of our beloved summer residents, welcome home! Remember you are always with us in spirit, wherever you travel, I want you to know this is always your spiritual center and your home. I pray that we continue to bloom together in our garden of light and love, one that has been prepared by the Divine Presence of the living God with each and every one of us.

There really is no limit on our joy or on our healing and abundance. As I said in last weeks message, my life is yours, I lay down the false desires of separate self, and embrace the life I am given by our oneness. As the African quote says, “I am because we are.” That is the beauty of creation. Even though we may look different and have our own unique individual expression of God to bring into this world, we are One in Spirit and in Truth. I honor the oneness that we share. I feel truly blessed to simply take the time to to do what my Mom always told me to do, to bloom where I am planted.


Rev. Tony

Minister’s Message April

Message from the Minister April 2017
Happy Easter


That long awaited time of spring is just around the corner. As we enter into this most sacred cycle of rebirth, renewal and regeneration, I am reminded of why we have chosen the path of spiritual awakening. With the Easter season comes a fresh new moment, a moment of new opportunities for healing our sense of separation from God, from nature, and from each other. This is the time when we come back together, in times of celebration, greater inner growth and new adventures of the soul.

As we awaken from the slumber of the winter months, and perhaps from our long sleep of sense consciousness, the wonder of creation begins to call us back to family, community and greater joining. All the rites and rituals of spring can be seen as simple reminders of just how much we need each other, and how much we depend on our connection to Spirit. Our connection to the divine in us and all around us is the life blood of our true self.

I see each and everyone of us becoming more peaceful, loving, abundant and giving as each new day passes into another. I see each one healthy, creative, enthusiastic and abundant. I hold a vision of you as the perfect and whole child of God that you are, living joyously in the earnest expectation of the fulfillment of your divine purpose here on Earth. There is nothing and no one that can hold you back from expressing the Christ in you, through you and as you, now and always. Our collective resurrection is at hand. We step forward into this season with great intentions for a world awakened through the recognition of our own individual power and perfection.

When the Spirit of the Living God dwells in you, who can be against you? Therefore my friends, see no one as enemy, judge nothing as lacking, take all things as a blessing, and above all else, remember you are loved. Perfect love will cast out any lingering fears you may have, and bring us into that bright day of resurrection and regeneration together as one holy child of a wholly loving God.

Be in Peace,
Rev. Tony