Message from the Minister December 2019

The Birth of the Christ Consciousness

As we enter another Christmas season we are all reminded of the opportunity which faces each individual soul, acceptance of the Christ being born again in us. Living from the Christ consciousness is not as easy as some may think. It requires us to willingly abandon our littleness; it demands we pursue a rigorous honesty with ourselves, to love unconditionally and awaken from our dream of separation.
Even though the glorious reality which awaits us is sure to bring joy and happiness beyond of wildest imagination, we hesitate to take the steps necessary to find our true self. The birth of the Christ Consciousness in us seems like something completely impossible, and to our limited perception, of course it is. That reminds me however, of an old saying, “The one who says it is impossible should not interrupt the one doing it.”

If you are committed to experiencing the birth of the Christ Consciousness in you, no one and nothing will stop you. If you wish to celebrate the coming of the Christ in this manner, Unity is a perfect place for you. If you have ever had an experience of Christ as principle instead of personality then it truly is the season to celebrate.

We can celebrate our authentic experience of Christ, not merely coming to one child over two thousand years ago but coming again and again in each one of us. The advent of human beings realizing their divine nature, this is Christmas to me, and indeed worthy of celebrating. Yes, we needed, and have an example of the Christ principle being fully realized in Jesus; but we also have his teaching, “Greater things than I have done will you do.” (John 14) Those greater things are made manifest the moment we accept our role in demonstrating the Christ in us, through us and finally as us.

If you think the birth of the Christ Consciousness in us is impossible, the only thing I suggest is enjoy the season, spread good cheer, wrap your presents with love, be patient with your children and remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
“They called him Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Matt. 1:23)
Happy Awakening Beloved Friends, Merry Christmas!
Rev. Tony