Prayer Partner Training

The Requirements to be a Prayer Partner are as follows:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to Unity principles
  2. Show genuine interest in, and respect for, the well-being of congregants and other Chaplains.
  3. Have a willingness to hold a spiritual space of possibility, trusting that God is in charge.

Holding spiritual space is to hold in consciousness (awareness) a place of possibilities.
Regardless of the circumstances, situation, knowing God to be greater than. We hold God’s presence and power in the moment as the moment.

As Chaplains, the more we practice the Presence, the more our consciousness shifts from: to me, by me, as me….to: through me.

When we can know for ourselves that God in us is greater than (fill in the blank..), we can then hold that spiritual space for others. Our intention to know; that is the beginning.
We must be willing to ask for gentle releasing of thoughts, feelings, old beliefs, old concepts of lack and limitation. This clears the space for the golden light of God’s unconditional, limitless love.

Our work as Chaplains is to keep our prayer life consistent so Spirit can gently and continually free us of clutter, “Create a clean heart in me, O God!” I invite the activity of the Holy Spirit – God – to suspend all disbelief.

Daily forgiveness of others and ourselves facilitates our ability to “hold a spiritual space.” Holy – Whole – Hallowed. As a Chaplain, we are part of a community within a community. Right here and now, as we interact with our fellow Chaplains, we can practice walking the talk. Having compassion for one another is essential to maturing spiritually.

  1. Have the ability to hold all that you hear in strict confidence.
  2. Have a willingness to learn to listen actively and empathetically.
  3. Have a willingness to pray for others.
  4. Be a member or be willing to become a member at the first available membership class.


  1. Be willing to maintain a personal prayer life.
  2. Be willing to accept and complete each assignment given with a cheerful heart.
  3. Be willing to be present at services for Chaplain duty.
  4. Be willing to attend orientation and training sessions.

Through listening and respect for individuality, honor fellow Chaplain’s growth processes as well as your own.

Seven Conditions of Prayer:

  1. God should be recognized as Father/Creator/Source.
  2. Oneness with God should be acknowledged.
  3. Prayer must be made within, in “the secret place.” (Psalms 91)
  4. The door must be closed on all thoughts and interests of the outer world.
  5. The one who prays must believe that he/she has received.
  6. The kingdom of God must be desired above all things, and sought first.
  7. The mind must let go of every unforgiving thought.

General Guidelines for Affirmative Prayer:

  1. State the need.
  2. Become still.
  3. Deny our belief in the condition. Ask Holy Spirit – God – to suspend all disbelief. (Release false beliefs & assumptions.)
  4. Affirm the Truth as it is in Spirit. I am one with God….with LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE.
  5. Attain a realization in consciousness…..unify with it – feel into it.
  6. Give thanks in advance.

It is an honor to be doing this wonderful work with all of you.