Message from the Minister September 2019

Falling in love with Truth



With this wild and wonderful summer coming to a close, I am inspired to embrace the Fall season in a new and different way. Remembering we have dedicated this year to deep spiritual growth, both individually and as a community, I am putting forth the intention of falling in love with Truth.

Rediscovering my relationship with the Divine has become the most important aspect of my spiritual journey. To be honest, I can no longer view God as a being separate from myself, a Father or Mother figure to whom I pray and ask for help with my world. As a child, I was taught to pray to this figure, as an adult taught to have a relationship with this figure. In traditional churches we are told to worship this deity and taught perform the rituals of supplication and obedience. In the greater societal scheme of things we witness the vast separation of peoples of different faiths and even the attack on those who may express their relationship to God in different ways.

Personally, I embrace the principles of Truth found at the core of every faith. I have learned so much from the diverse spiritual community of which we are a part. I could never see myself trying to limit my theology by comparing it to others; but rather continually expand my relationship to the Divine by inclusion of diverse ideas and spiritual practices. Although Unity is Christian at its core, is remains a positive, practical and metaphysical practice.

Unity is positive, in that we use affirmative prayer, or “creative thinking.” We affirm the truth and envision the manifestation of our highest good in every situation. We claim the Truth of Spiritual law working in every situation and condition of our lives, no matter what the appearance at the time. We use the power of our minds, our will and our intention to make manifest those things which support our highest good and deepen our spiritual growth. We claim our good as already ours simply waiting for us to receive it into our lives.

Unity is practical, in the way we practice the principles which have been demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. Instead of idolizing and worshipping Jesus for his ability to work with Divine principles, we seek to master them ourselves.
Unity is metaphysical, in the manner in which we interpret the Bible and all sacred texts. There is always a greater meaning and more expanded view available in everything expressed by spiritual and religious writings and experience. The metaphysical approach allows us to discover the deeper truths behind each story and teaching of the great masters, including our brother, Jesus of Nazareth. Using symbolic interpretation, historical evidence and investigation into the thought system behind the words we can paint a broader picture of how we too can activate the spiritual power in us. Some have called this pursuit, “Divine Science.”

In Unity, we strive for inclusion of ideas, embrace the science of mind and remain positive and practical in our approach. It is these fundamentals of Truth and the core values of the Truth student with which I have fallen in love with once again. One might call it a renewed romance with God. Perhaps, this fall each one of us can cultivate a deeper relationship with the Divine.

Always yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony