Message from the Minister June 2020

Let There Be Peace on Earth



In the New Living Translation of John 14:27 Jesus states, “I am leaving you with a gift… the gift of peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So, do not be troubled or afraid.”

When I think about the upheaval in our world today, I could easily allow my heart to be troubled and myself to become afraid. In fact, if I want to experience peace in my mind and heart, it is necessary I turn my attention toward the gift that has been offered me through the awakened master from Nazareth. He reminds me to turn away from the conflict and focus on the solution that is, ‘not of this world.’

The solution is letting there be peace, not forcing or fighting, but letting there be peace on earth, and letting it begin within me. I am allowing a greater change to take place in me and in the world. I know there are those who resist change and deny the miracle before us; but the inevitability of human evolution, both spiritual and social, gives me cause to rejoice, and ability to accept that peace now.

No matter what is going on, our purpose remains the same, to be the light of the world and a powerful healing presence in every situation. As spiritually-minded people, we have faith in divine law and follow spiritual principles as we let there be peace on earth. I remember that gift of peace that was given me and seek to offer that gift to all those who need peace. To the ones who are oppressed as well as the oppressors I offer peace, to those in pain or suffering of any kind, I offer peace, to the conscious or unconscious beings on this planet, I offer peace, to all people I think of or who think of me, I offer peace. I offer you the peace of God, without reservation or qualification.

As Thomas Merton famously said, “Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy.” This is my reminder to you my friends. You are worthy. You are enough. You are magnificent, and you are a light in my life. Please remember this and know that peace is not something I am hoping to achieve in the future, it is something I am allowing to fill my consciousness and envelop my being right now. In the acceptance of the deeper, all-encompassing presence of peace, I offer it to you as well.

The Bible speaks of that peace which passes all understanding. The good news is  human understanding is not required in order to experience this peace. The only thing that is required is my acceptance; my desire for peace, my letting go of all that blocks my path, and a deep, authentic appreciation for the gift that has been bestowed on me, and now is mine to offer to the world.

Be blessed my friends, be a blessing and be in peace!

Rev. Tony Cryer