Message form the Minister April 2020

The Power of Prayer

So often, I hear people say they believe in the power of prayer; but they don’t think it can change the outward conditions we are experiencing now. I have to remind those people; the power of prayer unleashes forces that we cannot begin to comprehend from our limited perception. Prayer, according to Charles Fillmore is, “The most highly accelerated mind action known.” Prayer is the one thing which can instantly join our minds in Truth and allow the miracle to replace any appearance of lack, limitation, illness or suffering with the healing light and love of God.

Turning to The Spirit of the living God within us, we connect to that same Spirit in our brothers and sisters. This is how we truly see the Christ in others, by joining in the light through prayer. Rather than begging or pleading for favors from an external source, we extend the spiritual energy of our mutual surrender to the Truth. We acknowledge the perfection and grace available in the field of all-possibility, and we ignite the creative energy of our higher mind to bring about a world manifest from the substance of pure love and shaped by the intelligence of divine law.

There is nothing we cannot do, nothing we cannot heal, nothing we cannot use for the holy purpose of awakening humankind. Even the present condition of a global pandemic can and will be used for a higher purpose if we let it. Our task is to train our minds to see the greater good possible in every situation and extend that vision to each and every person on the planet. This is my idea of prayer my friends, holding a vision of a world that is being manifest by divine love and governed by divine law, holding a vision of a world powerfully transformed by the growing movement of our shared spiritual awakening.

Let us not be content to view this idea as mere sentiment, or simply words written on a page, rarely read and even more rarely understood; but let us strive to make of them a reality for us individually and for all the world.

“Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind,” was the directive from Paul in the New Testament, and my suggestion is no different today. The mind of Christ can only emerge in you through a genuine experience of transformation and a renewing of your higher mind. What I call prayer can be defined as the creative expression of Christ in you. You are the light of the world in a very literal sense, and if the world is to be powerfully transformed, it will need your light!
Shine my friends… forever and always… shine!

Rev. Tony