Message from the Minister February 2020

Reconnecting to the Truth

In Unity we like to call ourselves, “Truth students.” I particularly like to look at the study of Truth as process of adventure and discovery, rather than a destination of knowledge. When I think I have arrived at the true ways of the Spirit, there suddenly opens a wider range of understanding yet to be explored, an experience of spiritual awakening and illumination beyond my wildest dreams.

Illumination, enlightenment, awakening, transformation; these are all terms we as Truth students have found difficult to define by use of our past learning and limited understanding. That is why I prefer to be a constant, continuous student of the Truth, an open mind for God to pour into it a new dimension of understanding and the grace with which to receive it.

Perhaps the winter months become fertile ground for this type contemplation; but whatever the reason, I feel compelled these days to reconnect to the Truth in the deepest way possible. I have been extremely occupied with worldly matters these last few months and my soul longs for those extended moments of uninterrupted silence and experience of light I have come to depend on.

Nurturing the soul must become a priority in life if we are to truly live and not just exist. The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our experience. I have found that the quality of my thoughts increases exponentially when I dwell in the silence and live in the Truth.

Charles Fillmore said, “The road of Truth is the straight and narrow path along which Spirit directs, and which proves so smooth and safe that one refuses to allow oneself to be misled by habit into trusting sense perception.” (pg.200, The Revealing Word)

Considering how rough the road of sense perception can become, I have chosen to stick with the road of Truth, the road of peace and the road that always leads me home to God. To me this is the first and most important step of living a spiritual life, to reconnect with Truth and allow the flow of infinite blessings fertile soil in my heart and mind, to bring forth a new season of spiritual growth and wonder.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing
Rev. Tony