December message from the minister

December message from the minister

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Everyone!

In the course of human history, perhaps no other event has more mystical appeal than the birth of the Christ. Heading into this Christmas season, let us remember the real reason we celebrate the coming of the Christ. It signifies the dawning of the light into the consciousness of human beings, God being recognized in every individual and the remembrance of our own divine nature.

Unity has long supported the idea of development of our Christ consciousness as a way of following the teachings of Jesus, not to worship or bow down to idols or religious doctrine; but rather an ongoing discovery of what lies within the depths of our own hearts and minds. To accept the birth of new ideas and new experiences for each individual has such powerful life-changing implications.

We are free to determine our own beliefs and spiritual views based on real experience and direct revelation occurring within our own consciousness. The birth of the Christ in us is more of a memory of Spirit than of receiving a special favor from an outside power. We are discovering the power within ourselves. Gaining knowledge of that power is what I call the birth of the Christ in us.

The sign of Christ is a star, shining within the bright heaven of our holy minds, one with everything there is and ever was and ever will be. Our true identity has been revealed to us at last, and now we can celebrate the coming of knowledge into our hearts and rejoice. The light of God is with us and within us. It always was and always will be, but now the time has come to acknowledge that eternal truth and allow our light to shine upon the world without limit or reservation.

This is the month we celebrate the birth of Christ, not in Jesus alone, but in each and everyone. The great shift in the consciousness of humankind is now and will signify the end of the seeming separation and a world born out of conflict and fear. A new world which reflects the laws of divine mind is being born along with the Christ in you. A new and magnificent experience of life awaits us all as we accept the emerging Christ in us.

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays my dearest friends!
Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony

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