Message From The Minister February 2018

Message From The Minister February 2018
“Finding Peace in the Eye of the Storm”

As another winter storm rumbles through our little town by the sea, a blanket of snow covers the Cape, and a blanket of confusion covers my heart. With all that we give, and all the ways we seek to serve the community, why would someone break into our spiritual center? One can only surmise that it would have to be the same reasons why we still have human slavery, massive poverty, drug addiction, hunger, oppression, homelessness and war throughout the world, the same reason hatred and inequality are tolerated and perhaps even encouraged at the highest levels of our society. It is a reason so fundamental to the human species, that I cannot comprehend why we haven’t made greater strides in abolishing it. There is this one, all-pervasive condition which seems to strangle our peace and thrust us into fear. It is the opinion that we are not enough!

This is an opinion based on the belief that we are born imperfect and sinful, that somehow we are not good enough just the way we are. I see many people, young and old seeking escape rather than solutions. Escape into drugs and alcohol, escape into whatever might seem to fill that void and make one feel, even for just a moment, they are actually enough, that their life makes sense. If no one seems to care for these people in the margins of our society, they will try and find a way to fill that emptiness inside, one way or the other. The way we offer at Unity is the way of peace.

It is ironic that we at Unity are seeking the same thing, however turn to God to fill that void we have felt deep in our sub-conscious mind; a void we have felt between each other, and even between our loving source and ourselves. The illusion of separation was born from this mistaken feeling of something missing from the very core of our very being. This empty feeling is sometimes sought to be filled by substances of this world instead of spiritual substance. Whether it be drugs, money, sex or power… it is all still a feeble attempt to fill the void that only God can fill. It is not in my human power to ascertain what an individual might need in form, but I can say without hesitation, that the Spirit of the Living God will always remind you, you are enough!

After all we are made in the image and after the likeness of the One Power and One Presence. All that God is, we are; but we have to discover that truth for ourselves. I don’t pretend to know all you may need to begin your discovery of that true self; but I do know it is available and present for each of us equally, in every moment of every day. In whatever place you find yourself, and whatever condition or circumstance has brought you to this place, whatever rage or uncertainty you carry with you in your heart, I know it can be healed, and the void can be filled.

To the folks that broke into our building this week, took what was put in the collection
plate to serve the greater good of our community in an attempt to fill that empty place in your heart… next time, come in the front door, sit among us and find what will satisfy your real need. Among this congregation you will always be honored as the child of God that you are, you will always be seen with the eyes of Christ and accepted just the way you are. I know right now there is a storm in your heart; it is a storm we all share to some degree. My only prayer is that you find peace in the eye of that storm.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony