Message from the Minister July 2018

Rediscovering The Independence of Your Soul

In this summer season, so close to our national celebration of Independence day, I can’t help thinking about the true nature of freedom. The way I experience true freedom is non-attachment, non-attachment to any worldly care or concern, to any material manifestation or physical outcome. It is a deep immersion into spirit, not as an escape from the world; but rather an acceptance of what appears in my world as a vehicle for soul growth and expansion of my spiritual experience.

When my expectations are translated into certainty of immediate release, my soul feels free. I am certain that Spirit/God is, and that the divine presence and power is omnipresent now and in every circumstance of my life, in all aspects of creation and available at every possible moment. The ever-present nature of God within and all around me assures me that I am free in my consciousness, without restriction or limitation of any kind. I am not shut off from my desires; but I see those desires are of a spiritual nature. I receive all that is mine by practicing patience. One of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles states, “Infinite patience brings immediate results.”
The ultimate awareness I want to achieve in my heart and my soul is to be totally free and unbound by the restrictions of mortal consciousness.

When we identify ourselves from the perspective of separation we cannot feel free. There always seems to be an outside force trying to control us, someone always seems to appear that we must combat and battle with for that freedom. To see oneself as an ego, trapped in a body and bound by time, we have to fight for our “so called” independence. If we do not see ourselves as free, then we do not see our creator as a loving and omnipotent force. I would suggest here that we can only gain back our experience of independence by becoming totally dependent on Spirit/God! And it might be important to remember our surrender is to an absolute good and loving presence in all, through all and as all.

In God we were created eternally free. The constraints placed on humankind are made up illusions of limitation, perpetuated by the minds content with seeking out worldly power and satisfaction of the ego. With this in mind, I seek an independence from the tyranny of the ego and release of all the methods of attack and defense I have built into my thought system. Another wonderful way I can recognize I am free is to remember I can choose to think anything I want. If my mind is forever free then I can bring into manifestation a world of freedom, equality, love, compassion and recognition of God in everyone. After all, it is my mind, I am free to use it on behalf of my own independence.
And… as we have discovered, our total dependence on a loving, powerful, creative and singular source of reality becomes the means to attain the liberation of our soul in the splendor of Spirit. Happy and free is the one who has cast the cares of the world aside to breathe the fresh air of sweet independence, here and now, always and forever free.

Happy Total Dependence Day!
Total dependence on a Loving God!
Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony