Message From The Minister May 2018

Welcoming The Change


Spring is finally here! As the beauty of the first days of Spring have finally arrived at our doorsteps, it seems the frustration of the long, storm-filled months still lingers in our minds and emotions, and yet now can be a time of great healing and renewal. This is the time when we emerge from the cocoon of winter and enjoy the new being we are becoming. The healing and relinquishment of the past is what we call upon every moment we turn in gratitude to what is before us right here and now. The acceptance of change as a good and beneficent and necessary part of the growth cycle can help speed us along into the greater prosperity and happiness we desire. When the new energies emerge it is important to remember, “You cannot put new wine into old wine skins.” (Matt. 9:17)

What is making itself available to us is the inevitable cycle of growth. It is such a relief indeed to see the sun again. What a joy to sit outside in her warmth, or walk on the beach during a spectacular sunset. The birds are singing their sweet songs once again. The grass is getting greener each day, the flowers are adding color to the landscape around us; and yes, those tiny little buds on the tips of the tree branches will turn into leaves (eventually) before our very eyes, as the miracle of the changing seasons reminds us that Spirit/God is actually still in charge of all things in the universe, despite our temptation to think otherwise.

Just as the seasons of nature are constantly moving into new growth, we too can use this time to shed our fears and frustrations, as a new level of awakening and awareness is born in us. We can embrace the change going on in us as wholeheartedly as we embrace the coming of spring. In fact, it is my challenge to you this year to do just that. Will you open yourself up to new possibilities and greater growth? Will you enter this new moment and this new season will a fierce optimism to allow all of God’s abundance to be manifest in you, through you and as you? Are you ready for the new you to step out into a new and wonderful world, one full of love and healing and adventure? If you are, then you can say, “I am welcoming the change.” And I then must say to you, “Welcome Home!”

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness…
Rev. Tony