Message from the Minister, September 2018

Fall into Love

Here it comes again, the change of seasons in beautiful New England, the inevitable metamorphosis of the landscape and weather patterns that often mirror the changing patterns of our life. One thing I have come to know from my life experience is that everything always unfolds with grace and ease when I embrace the change. In fact, the more we go with the flow, the more exciting the adventure of life becomes. I often hear the phrase, “change is good.” Well, that doesn’t always seem to be the case if we are not prepared for it, or we resist the inevitable ebb and flow of the universe. The fall season comes every year and leads into winter and again into spring; but many of us act surprised when the cold and the rain and the storms returns. We might complain about the darkness, the short days, or the need to stay inside more often and wear those layers of clothes to keep warm. We have an opportunity this fall to embrace the change, to soak in the visual delights of colorful fall days, long walks on almost empty beaches, skies that stretch out beyond the horizon and point to endless possibilities just waiting to be brought into existence by the power of your intention.

This is a time of opportunity, to witness the unlimited substance of God’s universal mind expanding within our consciousness. I believe the ending of summer always brings new opportunities to love and be loved, to grow in the knowledge and experience of our own perfect divine nature, unfolding with the cycles of life itself. This wonderful time of year brings with it the winds of change and growth, whether that change, and growth is a positive experience or a troubling one is really our choice. I believe we have the power to harness the energy of change and embrace the process of growth. In fact, all our distress stems from resistance to the inevitable flow of change and the certain necessity of our spiritual evolution. I am convinced that by bonding together in a mutual commitment to spiritual awakening, we bring the energy of healing and remembrance of love to all humanity. When we fall into the love of the divine presence, we hold that space free and clear for others to follow. The universe offers such beauty in the movement and such excitement in the seasons of life. If you find yourself in the changing seasons of your life, embrace the season with a calm assurance that the universe is unfolding perfectly according to divine law. Embrace the moment and fall into the loving heart of God. I will meet you there.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony