Message from the Minister July 2019

Finding Release from the Fear of Giving

“There is a law of giving and receiving… It is a law of mind action… not a religion; but a rule of thinking, doing, living and being.” (Charles Fillmore, Prosperity lesson 10)

Has anyone noticed the shift that has taken place concerning the way you think about giving and receiving as a direct result of having a consistent spiritual practice? I was taught to go out and get what you want, work hard for it, make the sacrifices necessary to gain what you need in
life; and when you get it you must hold unto it and protect it, or you will lose what you have.

That way of thinking can create a lot of fear around money and prosperity; but the biggest fear it creates is the fear of other people. It becomes a lifestyle of getting and retaining rather than giving and receiving. I also noticed that the fear of giving brought with it a fear of receiving as
well. I did not feel comfortable receiving from others the gifts they wanted to share with me. Being afraid to lose the little I had; I also developed a block to receiving more. Not wanting to move away from my comfort zone, I was blocking my highest good coming to me. By holding on
and protecting my little world I was unable to open myself to greater good. How uncomfortable that comfort zone can become, and yet we refuse to step away from it for fear our world will cease to exist. What we discover in giving however, is that our world is expanding in abundance of all things that add to our joy and happiness.

My practice for many years now is to protect everything I have by the act of giving it away, to increase that which brings me joy and happiness by sharing it with others. You might ask, “how does that translate to paying my bills and providing for my family?”

The answer is this… It directly relates to the joy you find in giving to your family and community instead of investing your relationships with fear. Teaching gratitude for what you have always brings more of your good to you. The glorious lesson I learned is the more I give away the more
room I have to receive. There is a divine flow of energy which moves through me in abundant fashion, blessing and healing all those who are ready to receive. The key lies in the fact that true abundance comes from within and not from anywhere outside of you.

Those are some of the spiritual principles that I have used to release my fear of giving, and I can tell you with absolute certainty I have never received so much in my entire life. My wife and I are amazed at how fast we are manifesting all of our heart’s desires. It is not coming from a
place of lack that we need to fill; but rather from a place of abundance from which we want to share and give to others. We are so grateful to have a community where we can share all of our spiritual gifts.

Thank you Unity on Cape Cod
Rev. Tony