Message from the Minister June 2019

Remember to Breathe

Sometimes, we get so busy focused on the outer world, what we need to get done, where we need to go and who we need to impress, we forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. I often reflect on that old saying, “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to live.”
That sentiment could be expanded to include all our activities. We can spend so much time entertaining our guests we forget to enjoy the party. We focus so much on our destination we forget to enjoy the journey, and we can spend so much time talking about spiritual principles,
we forget to live them.

So much seems to be happening this time of year, we often forget to breathe in the moment and enjoy the season to full extent. Top off your already full plate with a few of life’s deeper challenges and you could be thrown into full-blown crisis. However, when we are centered, balanced and prayed up, those challenges become opportunities for greater spiritual growth.

Remember the story in the Bible of Jesus calming the wind and the sea in the middle of the storm? (Mark 4:39) He simply said, “Peace, Be Still” and there was a great calm. That moment was perhaps the greatest example of the miracle power of remembering to breathe and being calm, and perhaps the greatest demonstration that what we see without is always an extension of how we feel within.

When the storms of our lives come, and they always do, we too can stand up and bring our inner peace to bear on the situation. We have the power of the Christ within us as did our brother Jesus. We have more power when we are at peace and more peace when we in our power. The key is always… remember to breathe. Breathe in the light, breathe in the love, breathe in the peace and the power of the spirit of the living God in you.

Be the peace you want to see in the world my friends.
Always yours in Christ Consciousness
Rev. Tony