Message from the Minister February 2019

Going Within



In his famous book, Discover the Power Within You, Eric Butterworth states, “The greatest mistake is in believing that we are ‘only human… ‘ We are human in expression but divine in creation and limitless in potentiality.”

Winter is the time when those of us who live in colder regions spend more time indoors. We get to cozy up next to the fire, spend quality time with each other, share our stories and songs and catch up on those books we have been wanting to read. It is also a good time to get in touch with the God of our being and go within. To experience our limitless potential, we must take the time to put down the things of the world and go within on a regular and consistent basis. To seek first the kingdom of Heaven, our higher consciousness and bring that consciousness back into the world.

The sub-title of Butterworth’s book is “A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within.” In fact, the final frontier of Human exploration will inevitably be the realm of consciousness, the universe of mind and spirit. Why is the realm of inner experience still largely unexplored? Is it only because we have been too afraid to go there? Are we still denying the responsibility for world we see? Is it more convenient to see everything outside of us and place responsibility for what we experience on forces beyond our control? It does feel safer doesn’t it; but what we fail to see is we have become very comfortable with distress and disaster.

If we really want peace, true peace, we will have to activate the power within us, and to do this we must go within. We have come to a point of spiritual evolution where a God outside of us, controlling our experience of life makes no sense anymore. We no longer can look outside for the answers to those deeper questions. Again, the road leads in one direction, within.

Within the mind of the human being lies the memory of perfect Oneness, of unlimited power and eternal love. The question is not this, the question is, can I remember this as myself? Am I willing to accept the fact that whatever I define God or the Universe to be, that is what I am?
If I can spend a little time with this thought, I just might find this road I travel within the depths of my consciousness is not so frightening after all. I might just find it to be exciting and fun!
Finally, my brothers and sisters, I can only suggest the direction of where to look. What you will find there, well let’s just say the adventure has only begun.

Always Yours in Christ Consciousness,
Rev. Tony