Message from the Minister March 2019

If You Build It, They Will Come


This is a famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams. In the movie the main character kept hearing a voice telling him, “If you build it, they will come.” He didn’t even know what it was he was supposed to build; but after several visions and more prompting of the spirit, his direction became clear.
Here at Unity of Cape Cod, we are building a spiritual community. We are also listening to the prompting of the spirit and learning to trust the higher vision that is taking shape in our collective consciousness. I am sure that Charles and Myrtle Fillmore had no idea how far and wide the Unity message would reach; but they held to their faith that Spirit was at the center of their vision, and their vision, being divinely inspired, would always lead to the highest good.

At times we allow our doubts and concerns to cloud the vision of our soul; but the voice will always remind us that what we are building is really a place in our heart. We build a place for more peace, for more joy, for more love and connection. We build not with board and brick, but with the energy of the Christ within. We build with light and compassion, charity and creative giving.
The kingdom of Heaven is being made manifest on earth through our commitment to build. We have much work to do here, while we are here; but it is a joyous and playful endeavor, rather than a drudgery of sacrifice. We are happy to build, to labor in the fields of our spiritual growth. We find satisfaction in seeing our brothers and sisters coming to the banquet of awakening.

We take great pleasure in building a platform for the rising consciousness of Humankind. In my opinion, there is no greater calling in this world than the call to awaken. This is a humble and holy way, a profession of sometimes invisible results; but in the end, we know that each and every heart will come to know their magnificent reality through the truths we teach and the example we put forth.
This place which we aspire to create together must be hidden from our eyes for a time; for in our limited sight we cannot bear the magnitude of this gift nor the full power of our God-Self. Hence the necessity for the voice, gently leading us to build our dreams. And so, we build on, knowing that Spirit will guide all those to us that need to be part of this wonderful adventure we call Unity. And as we continue to build, take time to look around you. They have come, and from all over the world more are coming to find our community to be their spiritual home.

Be Blessed my friends… Keep listening, keep loving one another and keep building.
Rev. Tony