Message from the Minister April 2019

Positive, Practical Christianity



If there is one thing we can say about Unity, it is that our teachings are practical. It is certain that Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, and the many who have followed in their footsteps, were personally dedicated to demonstrating the teachings of the master, Jesus instead of worshipping him as some kind of idol. They sought to understand his teachings and life and endeavor to put Truth principles into practice in their lives as well. Great healing and understanding have been made manifest by this approach.

Charles Fillmore said of Unity that it is part of the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus the Christ. Indeed, the school of thought which began with our way shower has more to do with accessing the power within your own mind and heart than following a or worshipping an individual expression of God. It is really about becoming your own unique expression of the Divine.

The easiest and most creative way I have found to bring forth that divinity in my life is by positively affirming the truth about myself and others on a consistent basis. When we allow negative thinking to cloud our vision, we fail to experience the beauty, grandeur and magnificence of our own being. If we hold positive thoughts in our mind, they do indeed produce after their kind; but it is more than thoughts in your head, it is thoughts in your heart.

The new way to express the law of mind action is: “Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs produce the world we experience.” The wonderful news is that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can change. And, if we feed ourselves positive ideas, they will change for the better. When Jesus said, “I have been given all power in Heaven and earth,” he was also talking about each and every child of God. We were all born with the same divine nature and we all have the power to express that nature if we focus our attention on it.

What could be more practical than to tell you that you have the power to create any kind of life you want for yourself. It is not simply fate, or being born under the right circumstance, or being “favored” by God. No, it is a recognition that by practicing positive thinking and living, I will purposefully make my world and the whole world a kinder, gentler, more abundantly loving place to be. I can express the inherent power within me by sharing it with others and joining in their healing and transformation as well. I firmly believe that we rise by lifting others and the best way to achieve great things is by helping others to be great. In my experience, nothing is more positive or practical than to find myself in those around me, and to find God in myself.
Be blessed and be a blessing.
Rev. Tony