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Turning our Fear into Faith

Message from the Minister, May 2024

Being a minister, and working with the public in such close physical, emotional and spiritual proximity to so many, I am acutely aware of the fear which seems to permeate our society and seep into the consciousness of even the most faithful. This phenomenon is no accident. Human beings have always used fear in an attempt to control others and the world around them; and with the explosion of technology, whatever we project unto the world has increased exponentially. However, this also holds true when we extend love. Instead of fear, we promote faith.

That being said, the question remains, why would we continue to spread fear when we can just as easily extend love and kindness in the world? I believe the answer is simple. We just haven’t been taught to love one another by our parents, our teachers, our political leaders and even our pastors and spiritual leaders. Outside of a few historical exemplars we haven’t really had a great number of dedicated teachers of love and kindness, until now! Now, more than ever, there are those who are willing to undergo the spiritual transformation necessary in order to demonstrate the true teachings of our master teachers such as The Buddha, Lao Tzu and Jesus the Christ.

Jesus was clear in his repeated message to his disciples, “Love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12 There is no greater commandment than this. There is no other way to interpret this teaching. He did not mean something else when he said this. There is only one way out of fear, for me, for you and for the whole of humankind, to love one another.

In the commitment to love your neighbor as yourself, Mark 12:30, one learns how to follow the love, how to turn to what feeds your soul, not what feeds your fears. It is a mindful way of living which helps us forgive and stand strong in our conviction to love at the same time. In every thought, every word, every action and especially all my communications, I must ask myself, “Is this feeding my soul or my fears?”
This one important question can help me to pause and check in with my higher self on a regular basis throughout the day. It can assist me in making more peaceful and impactful decisions, taking actions which truly feed my soul instead of projecting my fears.
Remember we will only have faith in that which we believe with all our heart. If you feed your heart with fear, it will block your awareness of the intrinsic desire to love and cooperate with your fellow human beings. However, if you fill your heart with love and forgiveness for your brothers and sisters, the memory of your own divinity will return to your mind, for it is in our common humanity we find our shared divinity. In that moment, your experience of the reality of love will come rushing back into your heart, and with it your faith will return as well.

Be blessed my friends and remember to be a blessing.
Rev. Tony