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Message from the Minister December 2021

The Advent of Christ Consciousness

This holiday season I am reminded that the birth of the Christ is a journey, a process of awakening and rebirth that may look different for every person. Emerging from limited consciousness into Christ Consciousness is the journey each of us will make in time; but the truth remains that the light is in us now, the awareness of oneness and perfection is already in our spiritual memory. The remembering will depend simply on how much we want it.

There will come a time in the evolution of every human being when we begin to look for a better way, a brighter reality and a greater sense of joy and purpose. There will be a time when you finally say, I am tired of the anger, uncertainty and pain. There will come a time when you have just had enough of separation, fear and judgment. Perhaps that time is now! Perhaps the birth of Christ Consciousness in you will be more desirable than the constant struggle you feel each day you spend in littleness and limitation.

No longer are we waiting for some “divine intervention” or someone outside of us to come and save us from our unawareness. The birth of the Christ in us is always now, always waiting upon our decision. The only think that seems to block our path to this transformation is the value we place on our ideas, our beliefs and our limited perceptions. What we are clinging to is the very thing that is hurting us. We are addicted to our point of view, even though that point of view is constantly changing.

Let’s look at the birth of the Christ as a metamorphosis. There is no possibility we can understand how the butterfly experiences the world from the perspective of the caterpillar. The caterpillar has no experience of having wings and flying, there is no way it could imagine such things. It is the same with spiritual awakening and transformation. Our unawareness of Christ Consciousness does not negate its reality or its inevitability in our evolution.

The fact that Yeshua, the one we call Jesus, achieved awakened consciousness proves that all human beings have the same destiny; but it is not a destiny bestowed upon us by some being in the skies, it is a decision we make to focus our hearts and minds on the goal of awakening, and the truth within us. There could be no greater goal this holiday season than to allow for the transformation from separate being to the living Christ.

The gift I would offer each and every one of you this Christmas is the gift of your own true Self and the remembrance of the eternal, loving spirit residing at the very center of your being. It will be up to you to open that gift.

Merry Christmas
Rev. Tony