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Message from the Minister January 2022

The Renewing of our Minds

One of my favorite instructions, given by Paul in the New Testament is, “Be not conformed to this world, but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This, to me, is the single greatest statement ever made of the necessity of transformation through return to our inherent spiritual nature. In all the holy texts and in all religious theologies of the world, the need for spiritual transformation is expressed. The way to the ultimate goal of self-realization can differ greatly, but the goal itself has not changed.

It suggests that conforming to this world is in itself a departure from truth, and the only way back to reality is through a complete transformation of ourselves, brought about by a renewing or resurrection of our mind. It is the mind which was in Christ Jesus, our original mind, universal mind, God mind, the One mind.

To experience this healing of our mind, one must first become aware of the Christ within, the divine nature residing at the center of our very being. Once aware of this divine center, we can then begin to extend or release our inner light. It is this light which carries the restorative energy of healing to others. To renew our minds therefore is the primary focus of our spiritual quest. When our minds are unclouded by the world of separation, illusion, hate and division, we can become true instruments of peace, harmony, love and connection. The veil of separation is lifted like mists under the summer sun, and the great distances we perceived between us are traversed by a bridge of mutual acceptance and understanding.

Nothing more is required of us than our willingness to not conform to the world of fear and turn our minds toward the Truth. If we truly want change in the world, we must, as individuals, be the ones who change. Yes, we have to change our way of thinking, our ways of acting toward one another and fundamentally, the way we perceive ourselves; but none of that will change if we are not transformed by the renewing of our minds.

The mind has long been misperceived as the enemy of our inner peace; but again, that is the mind of the ego, the mind of separate personality and the fleeting thoughts of a mind trapped in time. The mind we are seeking to renew is the eternal Mind of God in us. When we are asked in (Philippians 2:5) to: “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,” the understanding is that this mind is already in you. The statement really is one of, allow the mind of Christ in you to guide your thinking and your actions.

When our thinking is in alignment with the truth principles, we will also be in alignment with the creative forces of eternal love in the universe, that which we have called God! This is a transformative experience as well, to see God as the totality of love energy rather than a being which can be loving sometimes and at other times angry. What a huge shift in consciousness when we experience God as love and only love. This is one of the experiences that come with the renewing of our mind.

Perhaps we think we are happy and fulfilled living in a world of separation, doubt, pain and suffering; but never will there be any certainty of peace within until we accept a singular source of being, a reality of oneness in the universe and a universal mind that we all can claim as our own perfect divine creator. Perhaps the transformation seems like a far away dream, never to be achieved by humankind or even possible to bring into this realm of manifestation; but you must remember it has now been placed in the realm of possibilities for you, and that was all that was needed. Once you see the possibility of renewing your mind, the reality of it is not far behind.

You are now becoming an altogether new person because you have accepted a new way to think. Let this year become the greatest single step in the evolution of your being by accepting the Christ consciousness as your consciousness and God Mind as your mind!


Happy New Year… Happy New You.

Rev. Tony Cryer