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Message from the Minister, July 2021

Cultivating Spiritual Freedom

If we are already free in the spirit, why do why need to cultivate freedom. The answer is this; although we may be completely free and unlimited, we experience ourselves as limited and bound by our circumstances. In truth we are forever free, but it is our awareness which might by blocked by our false perceptions and mis-guided opinions. As children of God, we have free will. We are free to think whatever we choose, but we are not free from the results of our thinking. This is why we must grow and mature a thought system of spiritual freedom. We are, as the third principle of Unity states, creating our experiences by the activity of what we choose to think, feel, and believe.

Just as we are the ones responsible for our own happiness, we also are responsible for choosing thoughts, feelings and beliefs which block our freedom and happiness. When we accept responsibility for our experiences, freedom is ours. We have taken back our power and we have joined our will with the will of love. It is at this point the great adventure of life really begins. At this point in our spiritual growth, we understand our freedom is not in fighting against the world, but in surrender to a higher consciousness. Just as the eagle surrenders to the wind in order to soar to greater heights, we also must surrender to the infinite power of the Divine.

There is so much freedom in letting go and letting God, and we can let go with confidence when we feel the winds of the Spirit beneath our wings. We can let go with ease and grace, always knowing the outcome will be for the highest good. We can let go into the great mystery of Universal Love.

Our independence from the continuing drama and conflicts of this world helps to heal the world and bring it closer to Heaven, as we are lifted into that rare air of divine order, perfect peace, and unspeakable joy. Individually, and collectively, we move toward that perfect expression of our Christ-self.

Charles Fillmore spoke of a new race of Men and Women who, having attained an integrated level of consciousness, now draw all people unto the perfect Christ idea in them. This is the new man Paul spoke of in Corinthians, the transformation of the Adam man to the Christ. We all have the freedom to choose this as our path. Historically, this hasn’t been the popular choice among humans, so we ended up with a false freedom we somehow had to fight for, not knowing we were already free.

Finally, the choice for our own freedom cannot come at the expense of others. It must be something that brings more freedom and compassion and prosperity to everyone in the world. If I genuinely want to cultivate a deeper awareness of freedom in myself, I have to offer it to others. I will cultivate a freedom which is all inclusive and extends to everyone everywhere. If we are to celebrate freedom and independence this season, let us celebrate our freedom from judgement and projection, our independence from blame, shame and guilt, and our complete dependence on a loving source, which created you and me and everything in creation forever free in the Spirit.

Happy Independence Day

Rev. Tony Cryer