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Message from the Minister, August 2021

Demand Nothing, Receive Everything

Over the years I have encountered thousands of people just like you and me struggling to make sense of this life, trying to find their purpose, seeking greater meaning, abundance and love. I have watched various twists and turns in the teachings of truth in an effort to gain this awareness; but inevitably the seekers would fall short of achieving the deeper levels of experience because of one unnoticed error in their thinking.

Without exception, every individual I saw falling short of their goals had this one thing in common. Each person had a rigid idea of how their good was to show up. They were so focused on the outward manifestation they had forgotten the key ingredient which opens the gate to never-ending abundance, joy and peace which surpasses all understanding. That spiritual key is the practice of non-attachment.

Holding mental and emotional attachments is the way we limit or even imprison ourselves within the confines what we think we want. These attachments make demands of God, which may not always be in our highest interest. Instead of, “thy will be done,” we say, “give me what I want.” Attached to what we think we want; we cannot see our highest good which is within us and all around us. In fact, we build a version of reality in our heads that quite often retains little or no resemblance to reality at all. When we defend this illusion of reality, we cannot receive the unlimited blessings available to us every moment of every day.

Let’s take this bleak picture of human nature, our habitual patterns of attachment, and turn it around. What if we open our minds to the wonder of life, ask for awareness of reality and the spiritual vision to see our good in every situation, the Christ in every person? We can train our minds to let go of the past and all we thought was holding us back, and thus receive countless blessings we did not notice before. When we approach life as a gift, the burdens we once thought weighed us down become steppingstones to greater peace and inner strength.

Take for example the burden we may feel taking care of an aging loved one; how we put our lives “on hold” to care for their every need, sometimes feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, only to suddenly discover the miracle of sharing the final years, months and days they have on earth. You realize the incredible honor bestowed upon us that we were chosen to share their final moments of this life. A powerful shift occurs the instant you choose to receive rather than judge, to accept rather than retain your grievance with God.

In this holy instant of release and acceptance we begin to see just how much we are loved and just how much is waiting for us in the other side of our attachments. Instead of demanding we are now open to receiving, demanding nothing we now realize we have already been given everything. We realize that every good and perfect gift or divine manifestation is already waiting for us in the field of pure potential… what the Bible sometimes calls the Father, the Father of lights which is also known as the higher or universal mind.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Your higher mind is the light of your consciousness, and the Universal Mind, being the source of all light is holding all things that can contribute to your highest good. Come into this day knowing where your good resides and remember always that whatever you desire is yours already.

Always yours in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony