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The Universe is Unfolding as Planned

Message from the Minister, April 2024

Spring has sprung; well, almost. One day of sun and two days of rain, two days of warmth and then it is cold again. The flowers are poking their heads through the soil and the gardeners are beginning to toil. The ocean seems inviting until the wind blows through your bones. Yes, spring is here, but it does not always look like we want. There is a process to the changing seasons, and I know for most of us summer cannot come soon enough, but how much are we missing when we focus on what we think should be instead of enjoying what is?

The same can be said for the rest of our lives as well. How much of our lives are we missing while we are hoping things could be different? I have heard it said that peace is the result of processing life as it is rather than how we think it should be. And to go a step further, I would say that the ultimate inner peace will come when we know in our hearts that the Universe is unfolding as planned, everything is in a constant dance of cosmic perfection. Not a perfection of our understanding, but the divine perfection of creation.

The bible has a wonderful teaching about this. It say in Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;  and the peace, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” In other words, put forth your intentions and trust the universe to bring about the highest good through your identification with the Christ within.

It says basically, learn to process life as it is, experience peace through this acceptance and allow the divine nature of you to be your guide and not the idea that something has gone wrong. Everything is in divine order all the time, but only the Christ within us is able to perceive it. The ego, or separate self, is constantly in fear that something is not right, and we must pray in “supplication,” which has been misinterpreted as begging God to influence things in our favor. The true meaning of the word supplication is not begging for something to change, but accepting things as they are.

The word supplication has the Latin word “supple” at its root, which means full or abundant. So, a more expanded understanding of this word would not lend itself to begging God for something but accepting the substance of God in a form that can be humbly received. We are now accepting rather than begging. We are in a true affirming and receiving mode, mentally and emotionally.

When I accept each moment, day, and season as it unfolds, there is no stress in my body and mind. However, when I wish for summer when it is spring, or sun when there is rain, I am shutting myself off from experiencing the moment as it is. I can also do this in the larger sense of shutting off my awareness of the divine perfection of God which is within me and all around me at all times and in every possible location.

Yes, the Universe is unfolding perfectly, in divine timing and divine order. The only question is, am I allowing myself to unfold as well?

Peace be in you my friends.


Rev. Tony