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Message from the Minister August 2023

Living with Mindful Intention

Albert Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” The most important part of this statement is that you are the one who gets to decide which way you want to follow. You can set your intention on witnessing the miracle of each moment of life, or you can choose to make up your limited story about it.

Miracles are not wild and crazy, unusual events that occur out of nowhere. They are actually natural events that follow the natural flow of the universe. They proceed from universal principles which are in operation every moment of every day. The study of these principles has been called, among other things, Divine Science, Science of Mind, Metaphysical Thinking or New Thought Philosophy; but the principles themselves are not new at all. They are at the core of every religion or spiritual path know to humankind.

The birth of metaphysics began with the Greek philosophers, sages and medicine people of ancient times, who held to the proposition that whatever way we are perceiving the world right now, we are not seeing the whole story. Almost every single person who brought a new and radical idea to humankind engaged in the act of living and observing life from mindful intention, paying attention, in the present moment, on purpose with kindness, compassion and an open mind to the world around you. The art of seeing the good in everything was born out of this type of intentionality.

Living with the attitude that everything is a miracle is not just wishful thinking. It is the result of paying attention to the miracle unfolding all around you and within you on a daily basis. The practice of living in the present moment is also something that can be found at the core of every religion or spiritual path since the beginning of time. It is the foundation of prayer, meditation and healing in every tradition and in every culture on the planet.

We are evolving beings and an evolving species. What we understand today hardly could have been imagined by our predecessors. However, the great truths they discovered are essentially the same today, tomorrow and forever. Though our understanding of spiritual principles may grow and evolve, the principles themselves remain the same, for they are divine law and cannot vacillate because of our lack of understanding or acceptance. Much like the laws of mathematics or physics, divine law simply waits upon our use of it. As we focus our attention on the immutable laws of the Spirit, they become increasingly effectual in our daily lives. When we are mindful of the miracles that are all around us, our entire life becomes a miracle. And isn’t that what it was meant to be from the very beginning?

Live in the miracle my friends!
Always yours in Christ Consciousness,
Rev. Tony