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You Matter!

Message from the Minister, February 2024

Sitting here in the midst of a beautiful winter snowstorm, watching the trillions of snowflakes fall from the sky, I am reminded how each and every one of them is completely unique, formed from the divine intelligence of nature. Just like a grain of sand, a baby, a plant, a tree, even a planet or galaxy; each one is an important individual expression of the whole. And without each individual expression, the whole would be incomplete.

Just as the natural world needs every little aspect to complete the whole, so too does your presence complete the expression of God. Whatever way you experience the divine, or the whole of creation, you make it complete by your existence. You Matter!

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, your world view, or level of your conscious awareness, this Truth stands unalterable and merely awaits your recognition. Even when you are deep in the dream of separation this is true. When you are lost in your sadness, anger, and frustration, this is still true. When the world seems to be attacking you and the misguided egos appear to be in control, remember God is Love and therefore so are you. Remember your contribution to the whole is more powerful than the world you see through the eyes of illusion. Remember, you matter!

I cannot imagine one snowflake turning to another and saying, “I am so much more beautiful and brilliant than you.” Never would you assert that we should remove all the grains of sand from the beach which do not sparkle to a certain standard. Then why do we do this with each other? The constant judgments and negative diatribe aimed at our fellow human beings are only attacks against ourselves. If we attack another member of our family, the whole family suffers.

Conversely, if we lift others up, we will rise. When we remind someone they matter to us what we are saying is that I see your unique and intrinsic value to me. You bring greater worth to my life just by being you. It is not what others can do for us in the material realm but how they touch our soul. If you really want a reminder of how important you are in this world, tell someone else how important they are. If you want to know how much you mean to other people, tell them how much they mean to you.

Finally my friends, whatever you may be struggling with today, or whatever are you triumphs, there is only one thing I really want you to know, and it comes from the depths of my heart… Keep going, keep shining your light, you are more beautiful and magnificent than you realize. The world needs you. I need you. The kingdom of the divine is incomplete without you. You, yes you…

You Matter!

Rev. Tony Cryer