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Message From The Minister October 2023

Finding Your Balance

It is a curious phenomenon of spiritual endeavor that the more you slow down the faster you travel, the quieter you become the more you hear and the more you go within the greater good you can manifest in the outer world.
I have often pondered the idea of finding balance, resisting vehemently the concept of necessary opposites; the notion of darkness being necessary to see the light, pain a required experience for pleasure or evil a possible reality in a loving universe. It occurred to me that the theory of opposites is the product of the misperception that we are the opposite of God.

The idea of separation, being born of false perception, can only create more false ideas and therefore cannot be counted on to give me direction or guidance. If I am to genuinely find the nature of God within myself, I must seek a different way of understanding, one based on thoughts of perfection and love. If there is indeed one power and one presence in the universe and in my life then the concept of opposites is impossible. What then needs to be balanced? Where is the balance point? And if opposites are ultimately impossible, why do I need find balance at all?

First of all, the ultimate truth may not be my immediate experience; or let’s say, even if it is, I may not be aware of it. I am probably somewhere between knowing who I am, demonstrating only love all the time, and struggling with some aspect of the human experience. Remember, my experience relative to ultimate reality is the evolutionary journey back to oneness and perfection. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. That doesn’t mean the human experience is actually real. It is temporary and therefore illusionary by nature.

What I am learning in this temporary state is that I am in fact eternal. Everything I learn about the eternal substance and divine nature of the universe will stay with me because it is true. Everything I perceive in separation and limitation will eventually disappear because it is inherently false. A Course in Miracles calls this experience, perception of the real world, the world which reflects the laws of God and not the laws I made up.
Okay, here is the balance point. I want to use everything I perceive in separation to lead me to oneness. I want to give all of the self I think I am in separation as an offering to love and to God, and therefore begin to experience God within me as well as everywhere around me.

The balance point then becomes one of God within and God without. There cannot be one without the other. Many people want to focus solely on God within while pushing away the enormous power of joining with the God without. It is not joining with a separate being but rather a melting onto the ocean of consciousness of which I am already a part.

The balance between God within me and God all around me has become the focus of my attention regarding my spiritual path. It is much like the balance between doing and being. As Jesus said in the Gospel of John, “I can of my own self do nothing… I seek not my own will, but the will of the Father which has sent me.” ( John 5:30) Listening to the higher mind, being still and knowing God within and without, acting on that deeper guidance and spiritual intuition, that is the kind of doing Jesus was talking about. Doing based on being.
When I can listen to the voice for God within and all around me in all situations and circumstances, and act according to that will, then I believe I will have found true balance, the balance which says, “God is, I am, all is well.”
Be blessed my friends and remember always to be a blessing!
Rev. Tony