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The Year of Transformation

Message from the Minister January 2024

As we begin yet another year, another trip as a species around the sun, there lies before us a wonderful opportunity, a chance to consciously evolve ourselves and our world by the power of our collective spiritual awakening. If we truly wish to see a world powerfully transformed, we must first allow ourselves to undergo the transformation necessary to create that world.

It has become painfully obvious that the old model of our relationship with each other and with the planet is not working; but what might not be so obvious is that our relationship with ourselves has eroded as well. If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, it is important that we first love ourselves. If it is true that hurt people also hurt people, then healed people will also heal people.

The New Year stands clean and open, waiting for you to write upon it your intentions. If the intention is self-care and self-healing, then there will be little worry about what everyone else is doing and thinking. Your problems could disappear like the mist in the morning sun. As Louise Hay used to say, “I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking and the problems fix themselves.”

In this manner we can be witness to the problems of the world fixing themselves as well. When the collective energy of spiritual thought has reached critical mass the outer world must change to match the vibration of that energy. The way we have been trying to create change has been by opposition of the reality we perceive. We attempt to fight the darkness with the light and the bad with our good; but this approach goes directly against the dictates of Jesus to, “resist not evil and to love your enemy.”                       (Matt 5:39, 5:44)

I would propose that this year we focus all our energy on creating the new world through vastly different means. As Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

A new model of awareness and relationship with ourselves has to begin with our thoughts about who and what we are. Claiming the truth about yourself is always the first step in unlocking your spiritual power. To experience ourselves as divine beings, with all the same inner qualities as our creator, is exactly what Jesus did. If we are to walk this earth as the light of the world we must practice the same kind of identification with Spirit. God/Spirit is our source, so it must be that we have the same spiritual qualities. Perhaps this year we will be determined to let them show. Perhaps this is the year we shine our light in such a powerful way that the world we reveal will make the old world of hatred, war and separation obsolete.

Now that would be a happy New Year!

Be blessed my friends and remember to be a blessing.

Rev. Tony