Message From the Minister September 2023

Embrace the Change

As the summer season slowly morphs into autumn, the night air cools, days grow a bit shorter and colors begin to appear on the trees, the energy around and within us begins to change as well. Paying attention to changes within and around you, and accepting them as a natural part of life, gives you an opportunity to embrace every single moment as a gift from God.

Whatever is showing up in your life, if you are prepared for the change, it will flow with grace and ease toward your highest good. All situations and conditions will now be viewed as a vital component in the evolution of your soul. Embracing each season of life is an even more important step as your time on Earth reaches its golden years.

Instead of seeing it as “getting older,” you now experience it as expanding into greater glory. A close friend of mine calls it, “mastering your magnificence.” It is truly the time when you are sharing the best of you with the world, expressing your love freely without thought of earthly compensation. Your goals now are focused more on giving than receiving. For in truth, everything we give is a gift to ourselves. The oneness of creation has shown us a better way. We take no thought for individual identity but focus entirely on the benefit to the whole.

When I first heard the saying. “nothing is constant in the universe except change,” I was filled with fear. My experiences of change when I was growing up were always filled with unexpected trails and difficulties; sickness, pain, relationships ending, storms, financial struggles, loved ones passing into spirit. To me, every change meant suffering. I did not have a greater view or spiritual perspective. All I wanted was for things to stay the same. Change was not welcomed at all.

However, when I learned to view life as a whole process of growth and evolution, each change became another step toward healing and wholeness, every occurrence led me to greater understanding and illumination. Ultimately, I came to the realization that “change is good.” The seasons of my life suddenly became a joyful adventure rather than a foreboding curse, a wonderful opportunity to expand my consciousness and increase my ability to give and receive love.

When change is seen in its proper role in creation, we learn to embrace it, work with it and help bring about positive change in our world; the fear transforms into excitement, and we transform into healers, teachers, leaders and artists of love. We create and co-create a world of peace and constant joy. Our purpose becomes crystal clear, doubt about who we are and why we are here vanishes as did the fear we once felt every time we saw, felt of even thought of change. Now when a change is perceived, we embrace it as part of the natural flow of life.

Welcome to the flow!

Be blessed and Be a Blessing!

Rev. Tony