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Message from the Minister April 2022

Finding Balance

In the midst of the chaos of this world it can be difficult to find, keep our center and remain in balance. There is so much pulling at us, vying for our attention and our energy. Sometimes we forget to give that energy to ourselves. It is in those trying times we tend to fall off balance and may even get swallowed up in negative emotions. What can we do to regain our balance and live from our inherent self.

One of the ways we can return to center is to raise our vibration through affirmation of the truth with others who are of like mind. When we affirm the truth of our being, even in the face of massive conflict and destruction, we rise into a sphere of energy which was characterized in the Bible as “The Upper Room,” the place where only prayer, fasting and deep meditation was allowed. The upper room is where the disciples gathered together to wait upon the coming of the Holy Spirit during the Pentecost.

This is not praying in solitude, but a joining in the experience of truth together with others. It magnifies the spiritual energies and raises each individual into the higher realms of consciousness. When we talk about raising the consciousness of Humankind, this is one of the most powerful tools we possess.

The next action we can take is to keep our personal space and mind clean and clear of distracting and dense energy. Once we find that altitude of inner freedom we must learn to fly on our own. Maintaining your spiritual practice at home or in the office, with your family, friends and with the world at large is key. In short, we must bring our highest vibration of love and understanding into the everyday experience. We are truly called to be the light of the world and the healers of Humankind.

Once we have found our balance and regained a higher vibration, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Peace on Earth becomes attainable, as does peace in our hearts, because we have found that peace is already here, within us and everywhere present. When we have found our balance and returned our minds to peace, then we shall realize the kingdom of Heaven right here and right now.

Be Blessed my friends and Be a Blessing

Rev. Tony