Minister’s Message April

Message from the Minister April 2017
Happy Easter


That long awaited time of spring is just around the corner. As we enter into this most sacred cycle of rebirth, renewal and regeneration, I am reminded of why we have chosen the path of spiritual awakening. With the Easter season comes a fresh new moment, a moment of new opportunities for healing our sense of separation from God, from nature, and from each other. This is the time when we come back together, in times of celebration, greater inner growth and new adventures of the soul.

As we awaken from the slumber of the winter months, and perhaps from our long sleep of sense consciousness, the wonder of creation begins to call us back to family, community and greater joining. All the rites and rituals of spring can be seen as simple reminders of just how much we need each other, and how much we depend on our connection to Spirit. Our connection to the divine in us and all around us is the life blood of our true self.

I see each and everyone of us becoming more peaceful, loving, abundant and giving as each new day passes into another. I see each one healthy, creative, enthusiastic and abundant. I hold a vision of you as the perfect and whole child of God that you are, living joyously in the earnest expectation of the fulfillment of your divine purpose here on Earth. There is nothing and no one that can hold you back from expressing the Christ in you, through you and as you, now and always. Our collective resurrection is at hand. We step forward into this season with great intentions for a world awakened through the recognition of our own individual power and perfection.

When the Spirit of the Living God dwells in you, who can be against you? Therefore my friends, see no one as enemy, judge nothing as lacking, take all things as a blessing, and above all else, remember you are loved. Perfect love will cast out any lingering fears you may have, and bring us into that bright day of resurrection and regeneration together as one holy child of a wholly loving God.

Be in Peace,
Rev. Tony