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Message from The Minister April 2021

Overcoming the World of Illusion

During these changing times, I often remind myself that the mind of God never changes. It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It expands in love and acceptance; but the fundamental nature of God cannot change into something else. Darkness cannot become light; abundance will never offer loss and hate cannot become love. The light will cause the darkness to disappear; loss cannot be a possibility in the experience of prosperity and hate will cease to exist when love has been revealed.

The greatest need of humankind right now is for the individual to break free from the world of illusion and lies. We live in an unlimited and glorious universe, filled with power and potential for each of us to discover. Imagine if we join in this discovery together, consciously, purposefully and prayerfully. Imagine the world we would see and experience when we truly dedicate our whole selves to our spiritual awakening and unfoldment, and when we focus on bringing out the Christ nature in everyone we encounter along the way.

Imagine that world of peace and light, abundance and equality as our reality right now! Feel what it is like to be perfectly cared for, infinitely connected and living in the truth of oneness today. Just for today act as if this is your reality. Just for today be aware of the beauty all around you, the spirit of the Christ moving within you; divine light guiding your every thought, your every word and your every action. This is what resurrection feels like.

No longer are you moving with every impulse of the ego, reacting to the world through fear, anger or resentment. You are now responding with love. You have moved beyond your illusions of pain and sacrifice, separation and attack. Living in the reality of your own healing and resurrection, you have accepted the truth about yourself and the fact that your true Self could never be altered by the changing circumstances of this world. You have reached beyond the veil, past the sea of meaningless thoughts which occupy the separated mind, into the constancy of the universal mind of God.

This is Eastertime, the time your resurrection, the moment of transition from the illusion of separation, into the reality of oneness and eternal life. This is your moment of rebirth and overcoming of all ideas of limitation and death. This is the moment when you realize the Christ is you; “for the same spirit which raised Jesus from the dead, also dwells in you, and will give life to your mortal body as well. (Paul’s letter to letter to the Romans 8:11)

The demonstration of Jesus in the resurrection was not only that he could overcome death; it was that there is no death, that nothing can alter your divine nature, nothing can touch your spirit and turn you into something you are not. He shared an experience with us of moving beyond the veil of illusion, into the reality of eternal life; and he showed us that his overcoming is also our own, waiting there for us to choose.

The power is in our hands to choose resurrection over the ideas of crucifixion, and the truth of oneness over the seeming world of separation. When Jesus said, “All power has been given me in Heaven and on earth,” (Matt: 28:18) it was after his resurrection. This was the realization that the experience of transformation is necessary in order to use the full power of God within you. When you come into the realm of the infinite miracles become the natural order of things, and earth and Heaven become as one. In your personal resurrection the illusion of separation disappears into the nothingness from which it began, and now you stand in the light of your own true reality once again. Welcome Home my friends, welcome home!

Happy Easter

Rev. Tony