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Message from the Minister, March 2021

The Thunder of  Silence

About twenty-five years ago I read one of my first New Thought books, ‘The Thunder of Silence,’ by Joel Goldsmith, a leading voice in Christian Science and metaphysical philosophy, and prolific spiritual healer for more than thirty years. What inspired me most was the experience I had whenever I would venture into the silence. Indeed, the thunder of God’s voice came rushing into my consciousness, replacing all the meaningless fears and fractured images usually occupying the surface of my mind.

Without the consciously chosen moment of silence, the constant flow of spiritual energy goes unnoticed and unseen by the human mind. Even though it is always there, the voice of God falls on deaf ears, the vision of Christ remains obscured by the illusions of the ego. The real world of beauty, abundance, joy and eternal Love will not be perceived as a possibility by those who do not have ears to hear the thunder of the silence. The perfection of the Universe will not be a welcome sight to those who look through the glass of perception darkly.

Direct experience is the only way one will ever see and hear and feel the glory being revealed in us. Direct awareness of God in us remains our highest goal as human beings; to tap into our spiritual power and express it in the world as did our way shower, Yeshua. Identification with the Father/Mother, divine creator, source of all there is our quest, and why we enter into the silence with such enthusiastic anticipation.

Isaiah 40:31 Reminds us:  “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Silence is a spiritual sacrament we engage in as we indeed ‘Wait upon the Lord’ in the sacred chamber of our inner consciousness. We go within and wait for the experience. We refrain from telling Spirit how it should appear to us. We have the assurance of rising up and mounting the challenges of the day with happy resolve as we surrender all to the unfailing power of our creator. We run towards the goal of Christ Consciousness and the sure unfoldment of our true nature as the thundering voice of eternal love leads the way.

When we choose to consciously evolve spiritually, when we put all our effort into releasing effort, when we step aside and allow the great flow of the universe to fashion our steps forward, we no longer cling to doubts and perceptions as our guide, we no longer use fear as a motivation for action. Instead, we are like the sky, observing the wind come and go, knowing there are much greater forces in charge of life itself. We become quiet and listen, listening and waiting for the experience which cannot be described by concepts of the human mind. Perhaps we have been given an opportunity to wait upon the Lord, to rise up again with new wings. For now, I am content to wait, here in the silence, here in the thunder of pure spiritual experience.

Rev. Tony