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Message from the Minister July 2023

The Curious Paradox of Spiritual Evolution

In nature, the process of evolution is simply a matter of time and environment. When the season is right, and the time has come the butterfly emerges from the caterpillar. As the earth revolves around the sun, the seasons become favorable for growth or rest. The cycles are dependable and steady, always moving in a forward direction.

However, the time of your metamorphosis, the moment for you to transform into the new being is determined more by the quality of your thoughts and the frequency of your vibration than by time or external factors. In fact, many people believe humankind is devolving and becoming more primitive in its thinking. It appears on the surface that the majority of the human race is choosing in favor of the cocoon of unawareness rather than the freedom of spiritual evolution.

It makes one wonder, if the caterpillar would choose to stay in the chrysalis stage if it could? One may also wonder if there is any awareness of the emerging process into the butterfly. From an outside observation, there is none; but can the caterpillar sense the inevitable change from within?

As humans, we have the luxury of vision, inner awareness and information about the transformation. It would seem to be an advantage in choosing to evolve rather than being at the mercy of forces we cannot control, yet most of us choose the comfort of the cocoon over the exciting adventure of flying into a brand new experience. The paradox is actually having a choice in the evolutionary process, which in itself is an inevitability of nature. Going against nature would be deemed futile indeed, yet we all seem to do it at one point or another. We fight against our own evolution as if we had a choice in the nature of our being. We do not! Luckily, God determines that part. Our choice has to do with vibration of energy, how fast or slowly we expand and evolve. In this, and this alone do we have a role to play in our own evolution and the evolution of all humankind.

Oh my, another paradox; the more we focus on our own personal spiritual evolution, the more we accelerate the progress of the entire species, the deeper we go within, the greater the extension outward, the more we slow down the faster we proceed forward. So, perhaps this appearance of greater separation and discord in the human family is simply pointing us more rapidly toward our necessity for more conscious communion with each other, in the recognition that the truth of love will always prevail in us and in all the world. The question is not that, for that is the inevitable part of the equation. The only question is, are you ready to accept your unfolding evolution now? Are you ready to break free of the cocoon of unawareness? Are you ready to spread your spiritual wings and fly? The time is now my friends, the choice is yours.

Be blessed and remember always to be a blessing!

Rev. Tony