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Message from the Minister December 2022

The Light has Come

The Christmas season is the time we celebrate as Christians the coming of the light of Christ into this world. It may be a single light which shines into the seeming darkness of your world, but it is enough to spark the awareness of the universal light of God within us and all around us.

The glorious thing about the light is when you give it away you still have your full light, and now someone else has their light burning bright as well. You can pass on the light without ever diminishing yours, just as a flame from a candle can light another without going dim.

For centuries we have exalted the coming of the Christ in the form of Jesus but perhaps have forgotten the light he carried lives within us as well. It cannot be considered sacrilegious to let our light shine as bright as Jesus, for it was the purpose for which he came, to spark the flame of our own light.

The only question is, are you willing to be the light of the world? Can you really say the light has come if that light is not you? Will it be sufficient with your soul to merely be witness to the light in someone else and only hope that world will come to see the light?

When the Christ is born in you, and you are fulfilling your purpose in life, you will know that the light has come indeed. This is not just theory or theology; this is an actual experience of the divine energies within you being activated and expressed in the world through your own demonstration. You don’t change who you are; you become who you really are.

You don’t have to become a master teacher or healer or anything else that is not authentically you. However you are showing up in the world right now is enough. The body you are walking around in right now is the perfect vehicle for the Christ. The exact person you appear to be at this moment is the perfect one to show the world the light of God.

This birth of the Christ in you may take a little time. The birth process can be messy and painful; but it is the one process in life none of us can avoid. To be born of spirit and of water, spirit made flesh, God incarnate, is no small or easy thing. However, there is one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt… and that is, you will not be alone on this journey.

The Holy Christ is Born in Me Today…

“Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. Let all God’s holy Thoughts surround me and be still with me while Heaven’s Son is born.” (ACIM 303)

There is a Peace Christ Bestows on Us…

“Who uses but Christ’s vision finds a peace so deep and quiet, undisturbed and wholly changeless, that the world contains no counterpart. Comparisons are still before this peace. And all the world departs in silence as this peace envelops it, and gently carries it to truth, no more to be the home of fear. For love has come and healed the world by giving it Christ’s peace.”  (ACIM 305)

And in this vision you will bring peace to the world, but first you will experience it yourself as the Christ light is born in you and as you. May the wonder of the season take on new meaning this year as you accept the truth that you are God’s child and all beings in heaven and earth celebrate you!

Merry Christmas my friends…

Rev. Tony