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Message from the Minister October 2022

Sing your Own Song

When there are so many voices in this world calling for your attention, and so many different directions you can take in life, there is always one sure path for you to follow, the path of your own heart. If you listen deeply to your own heart you will hear a song singing there, a song just for you, sung by you.

We often speak of that still small voice which whispers in your heart, the voice for God, buried beneath the loud voices of the ego and the world. What if that voice was allowed to speak for you in every situation and circumstance? What would your life look like if you listened to one voice and let that voice sing your authentic song for all the world to hear?

Yes, we can learn much from those who have gone before us or those who are shining their light in the world today; but we have our own song to sing, our own unique expression of eternal love needed by all of humankind. Each one of us has a perfect, authentic song of love and a creative extension of the divine within us ready to be shared with everyone.

We may need to turn down the voice of the ego, turn off the voices of the world and break free from the calls to fear and anger; but we can do it. We have the power within us to break the cycles of the past and create new and wonderous adventures of the soul. And as we begin to listen to the voice for God within us, we simultaneously express that song of our soul, we inexplicably find ourselves on the perfect path of our highest good, being the greatest expression of our loving self.

The other miracle that occurs when you sing your own life’s song is that you begin to harmonize with those around you. You find yourself in the company of those who are also living their most authentic life, acting from the deepest calling of their own inner voice. We used to call that being led by the Spirit. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God.” (John 8:14)

The scripture goes on to say, that we are no longer led by the spirit of bondage and fear, but by the spirit of God in us. This is the great shift to being motivated by love rather than fear, led by God rather than ego. This is a point when our own song starts to sound pretty good, not because we are comparing ourselves to others, but because we are experiencing Spirit singing through us.

When I think of the greatest gift New Thought Christianity has given me, I always point to the experience of the Christ within me, the awareness of my inherent worth and goodness, my innate divinity and unique expression of God in the world. I always feel immense gratitude that I have a mighty purpose here, and part of that purpose is to sing my own unique song.

Remember, always sing your own song… the Universe is listening.

Rev. Tony