Minister’s Message June

Message from the Minister June 2017

Remember our source


Summer is a time of fun in the sun, gathering with family and friends, hosting events for everyone to share in our happiness and our joy. As summer gets underway this year, let us keep in mind the true source of our all our good and all our happiness. There is always an abundance of opportunities for us to receive our good, but sometimes we get distracted by the fleeting moments of excitement in sense consciousness. The result of our misalignment of focus on Spirit brings only confusion and anxiety. However, I can choose to remain focused on the source of all good and all power and walk with the great expectancy of that good being manifest in my life and in the world.

The great adventure of life continues, as we make this choice together as a community to stay focused on the source and the truth within our hearts, everything we need to thrive in the Spirit will be given us in good measure, pressed down and running over. I see an abundant summer ahead, and welcome the warmth of our spiritual family even more than the warm weather ahead, knowing they are both part of the whole experience of God in me expressing in the world.

Get ready my dear ones for amazing things ahead. An incredible time of spiritual growth continues for all of us. I am attending my first intensive at  Unity Village, as part of the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute in the first days of June. We are beginning again our twenty one day prosperity experiment on June 11, as well as hosting our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. We have the return of The Hyannis Sound to Unity the following weekend and we will end the month with a beautiful Sacred music concert with Felicia Rose.

This summer we will also be enriching our prayer team, and more importantly our prayer consciousness. So as the summer moves into full swing and the nature around us in full bloom, let us be steadfast and resolute to do the same, allow the garden of our hearts and minds to burst into the brilliant expression of God’s love we always dreamed possible. For in God, not only are all things possible, they are already accomplished.

Let the Fun Begin!

Yours Always in Christ Consciousness

Rev. Tony