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Message From the Minister July 2022

Taking a Leap of Faith

Sometimes we find ourselves at the very edge of our understanding and tolerance for the world of separation and attack, at the very limits of our perceived alternatives, and with no viable way forward based on past learning. This is when we discover our only available means of transportation may be a leap of faith.

If we really want peace in our lives, we must learn to believe in the God of peace. No matter how some may try to characterize and conceptualize the almighty, the one thing we can always trust is that God is Love and only love.

The leap of faith required to experience this peace is that we allow for something beyond our present understanding. Remember we are promised a peace which surpasses all understanding. To take this leap in consciousness I have learned to let the mind which was in Christ Jesus also be in me, to trust in the universal mind of God itself, to humbly admit there is so much I have yet to learn.

All I am asked to do is to keep my mind focused on God or Truth. “He will keep you in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.” (Isaiah 26:3)  So, this becomes my primary goal, to keep my mind focused on the One Power and the One Presence, to keep up my spiritual practice alive and thriving even when I am tempted to distraction by the world of separation. When my goal is peace my job is simply to maintain my focus on the light of God within and the reality of our spiritual oneness.

As I gather my strength from within, I begin to see the point of departure, the place of my furthest reach and the edge of my understanding. I begin to see something else as well. I see a light. I sense an energy of love, greater than anything I have ever dreamed of or imagined.

This vision, this magnet of light becomes almost irresistible. I allow it now to surround my consciousness with peace and power. I am not sure what lies beyond the realm of my perception, but I am sure of one thing, I want to be there.

In New England we have an old saying, “You can’t get there from here.” I love to use that as a metaphor for the journey of the soul. You cannot experience the eternal from the place of time and separation. You will first have to abandon your old directions and depart from the road you were traveling on before. You will have to let go of the self you thought you were to discover the Self you were created to be. You will have to give up your limited ideas of what you think the world is for in order to discover the divine purpose it really has.

And… it might also include giving up your present means of transportation for a leap of faith!

Be blessed my friends and be a blessing!

Rev. Tony