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Message from the Minister November 2022

Giving the Gift of Recognition

This Thanksgiving season let us remember, not only the gifts we receive in physical form, but perhaps more importantly, the gifts of the Spirit. These gifts have been characterized as joy, peace, love, healing and recognition. Recognition of the Christ in our brothers and sisters may be the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

When we see the true nature of those around us, a mirror of God appears before us in which we also recognize our own divine inheritance. The divine light in us comes to the surface and we become who we already are in potential, the realized Christ.

The bible reminds us that the Christ in us is the hope of glory; (Colossians 1:27)  however, it is not merely the hope of our individual glory but the glory of us all. The transformation from Adam man to the Christ is also spoken of in the first book of Corinthians which speaks of Jesus as being the “first fruits” of those who slept. All of us who have been asleep in our dreams of separation will awaken through recognition of the Christ in us. Jesus is only the first of us, according to Paul, who will awaken or resurrect from the mistaken idea of death.

Recognition of our eternal shared identity transcends any and all effects of separation. It heals the divide we have built between us. It washes away the doubt and fear that holds us back in life, and it brings a deep abiding peace to our tired hearts.

Recognizing the Christ in each other is to recognize God. As 1 John 4 clearly states, “As He is, so are we in this world.” This cannot be said enough. It must be stated and expressed over and over again, until the time when everyone has taken this truth into their hearts and become resolved to demonstrate it in the world. There is more power in this recognition than you have ever dreamed possible.

Once it has been accepted that God resides in us, there is no more need for fear and attack, they become defenses without a purpose; and without a purpose they vanish into the nothingness from which they came. All war and violence also becomes equally unimaginable to those who accept eternal love as their one true identity.

If there is one thing for which we can truly be thankful, it is the Truth of our being, the Truth that sets us free. And when we understand that Christ is our one true identity, one which we all share, the transformation of the individual and the world is assured. The spiritual evolution of humankind is well under way, and when you recognize the Christ in yourself and in your brothers and sisters, you have given us all the greatest gift we could be blessed to receive.

Be blessed my friends and continue to be a blessing!

Rev. Tony