Minister’s Message March

Message From Our Spiritual Leader
March 2017, Unity on Cape Cod

As we enter the season of Lent, let us remember that the Jesus story is our story as well, only in a different forms; but the theme and direction of the story, the archetypes and the events remain the same throughout time. The first days of our journey toward resurrection we are going through a lot of inner changes and deep reflection about the meaning of our lives. It feels to me that many of us are going through the same deep inner turmoil right now, at the beginning of our journey to higher consciousness. During the memorial for our friend David Long, I was reminded that from Spirit we have come and to Spirit do we return. It is not ashes to ashes and dust to dust; but Spirit to Spirit and Glory to Glory. We are amazing and beautiful creations of a perfect Creator.

In our forty days of transformation we too can travel the entire road of regeneration of our minds and bodies, and emerge victorious over the thoughts of death, as the living Christ we were born to be. As we move in consciousness from limited and separate human beings to the remembrance of our whole and perfect spiritual identity, a change takes place in the way we view the world and every living thing in the world. Now the world begins to take on the light of our awakened mind, and our oneness with all creation shines back at us in reflections of the universal will of a loving God.

The New testament has a wonderful description of this process in (1 John Chapter 4) where it states, “No one has seen God at any time, but if we love one another… His love is perfected in us, for as He is so as we in this world.” We are the representation of God-mind in this world. We are the hands and feet and mouth of the Almighty, spreading the good news that all of creation is One! There can be no separation in Heaven or in earth.

Look at your hands and remember, these are the hands of Christ, look at your feet and remember the same. And every time you open your mouth, remember who it is that wants to speak through you, and above all remember Life is eternal. No one and nothing can stop you from your own awakening and resurrection to the Truth of who you really are! Hang in there my beloved brothers and sisters. Easter is just around the corner, and with it will come the glorious rebirth of all that is holy and true.

Thanks for being with us. The Journey Continues !

Rev. Tony