October Minister`s Message

Message From the Minister October

Change of Season, Change of Mind

In this world of paradox, the difference between truth and illusion becomes more apparent. The world of separation is screaming at us in an attempt to prove its reality. Last month ended with yet another deadly monster storm and this month begins with the worst mass shooting in modern history, not really very long after the last worst mass shooting and the one before that. All these tragedies, one after another makes you wonder, where is God in all this?

What is your best answer? What would you say to the parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook elementary school? What could you offer to a wife who survived the massacre in Las Vegas as her husband covered her from the bullets? Can anyone comfort those who survived the night club in Orlando? What words can you offer to the person who has lost everything following hurricane Harvey, or Irma or Maria? How do we find truth beyond all this?

What more can we say? How much more can we pray? When every possible alternative has been exhausted, when no more words come and all the prayers have run dry, that is when we finally turn to Spirit with authentic desire.

The answer is always there. Staring us in the face, but again and again we refuse to look. We refuse to listen. I don’t know if I can say it one more time. I am not sure I can say it another way, or with any more passion. There is not one more parable or story I can tell that can express it with any more clarity. With all our teachers and teachings and prayers and miracles, and with everything that is available to us, it should be clear by now that Heaven or hell is the choice of the individual mind. The choice is always and only, separation or oneness, God or the ego, truth or illusions, love or fear.

All the violence and evil in this world is born of that one idea that “we are separate!” The ego screams again and again the same refrain and Spirit simply remains itself, constant and unyielding. When all the foolishness is done and the illusions have gone down to dust, we look straight into the heart of God once again; and once again face the choice to remember who we are or continue our attack upon ourselves. With the changing of the season, perhaps each of us can change our minds, and this time choose to remember “We are One!”

With Love and Gratitude
Rev. Tony